Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My laptop is a godsend. I marvel at its utility.

I can go so many places and even if there is no outlet, battery power is available and you can have as many batteries as you can handle!

It beats the bejeebers out of a typewriter! No more wadded paper. No more white out! Spellcheck helps me though (shameless brag) I've always been an excellent speller.

Though I do research beforehand for the books and scripts I'm writing, I have immediate access to the Internet for anything I need to search for or I can go to my files to tap into the well of info at hand.

I still make handwritten notes and scribble ideas etc. Thus there are sheaves of seemingly coded refs etc. that I can run through. It's seemingly coded because my handwriting has been likedned to a drunk chicken reeling across the paper -s-.

And the laptop beats the desktop for mobility and versatility. Gig space continues to increase. Since I don't play games (Talk to my son about that lol), there is more space for notes and plenty of minutiae.

I collect a myriad eclectic bunch of facts, refs and anything under the sun/electrons that strikes my fancy.

As for getting out the word re our Republic etc, it's a powerful tool. No wonder Freedom squelchers want to regulate ie control and censor all aspects of our lives, since puters have the ability to reach us like no other medium.

Yes, I still like to meet people and do things in the socalled real world. But we can facilitate those activities that saves time and surely streamlines.

Oh, yes. If the power goes out and batteries fail, I'm able to function. I don't sit and moan in a stupor hoping for restoration of power. I read, write and live. I could, gasp, live without it if I had to.

Til that day, I'll drag my laptop most places, except for date. I prefer to give a woman my full attention -s-.

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teacher said...

People would be surprised how much paper is still used in some venues.