Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Red Redder Reddest

It could be any color. I picked red because I am part Indian.

So, what's in a color? What does it mean to be red?

Nothing. It's a color. People banty such things about too much. It objectifies and compartmentalizes folks.

That makes it easier to push collectivist objectives. The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing as it were -s-. And oh how it greases the skids for conflict. Keep em at each other's throats. Damn whites, reds, blacks etc. You know how they are and so it goes. People get into a rut of ignorance, even in these supposedly enlightened times.

I really don't want to reiterate about the first Thanksgiving etc. American history gets pulled out at holidays and authors shape it whatever way they will. People tend to idealize in either a positive or negative light. They ignore, forget or have never learned facts.

Now, I predicate facts with the fact (ahem) that history is made of day to day events that are affected/effected by people.

As far as race goes, it's an excuse to control.

My hope for this time, for all time, is for people to be themselves. I would like to see folks get along or leave each other alone.

When left to their own devices, I see human beings doing just that, being.

So be proud of your heritage and live in the now.

Hate what drives us apart.

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lolo said...

Nice day for the race huh?