Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Than Ever

We need to break the chains which enslave us and renew the tie that binds.

This may be obvious, but it must be said. The bells should be rung loudly and regularly. Now that could lead to complacency just as much as silence. It's what you do after you ring.

Be tireless in explaining where we are and how we got here. Try not to get sidelined. Example: The Twin towers came down. The method is debated. The result has been a set of legislation, planned beforehand, that chips away at our Freedom. How it happened is secondary. Dealing with the result is important.

Tune into those who seem tireless in their exposure of tyranny. David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh come immediately to mind. There are others. Check out their blogs. You can get to them by clicking to the right here. they will lead you to many more freedom minded people.

Talk person to person about our current state of affairs. I believe grassroots is the cure for what ails us. It will lead to bigger things.

The main thing is don't give up. There are many deterrents. Apathy is just one. Pressure, if we swat the bear's nose, will cause the enemy to swat back. Learn to group and regroup. Go where most and best needed.

As far as pressure goes, learn when to lean heavily and when to nudge. Instinct and common snese should guide you.

Take on issues commensurately with solutions. Don't be thin when there is a large canvas. Take care of one spot and share the load. And for that matter, add a double coat when needed or leave it alone -s-.

There is enough for everyone to do. Study on it but do something.

More than ever is not just a catch phrase. The problems we have will not just go away. So we must not go away.

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