Saturday, November 26, 2011

Workers Unite

Yes it's easy to take workers for granted, especially the blue collar kind.

Those who are here to serve can be faceless. As noted previously, many of us take such folks for granted. Maybe, to be nice, some just are in such a hurry that they really don't check out the qualities of people.

We should all appreciate those faceless workers who have built the roads, the building, all the things that make our lives easier.

Everyone has a role to play in this world. We can't do everything all by ourselves. And it's in our best interests to care for one another not only fairly but justly.

There is no way we can all be equal economically, but we can all participate in the kind of capitolism that benefits all.

Collectivists like to sew unrest and division as it suits them for their agenda for control. It's the same game as reace, religion etc. Being diverse to them means creating derision when difference is essential so we can be one.

Just some end of year thoughts to remind us to be appreciative and not to disparage others. I didn't say live with everyone. Thats collectivist claptrap too.

There are plenty of people in all levels of society that I don't care to be around. Oh no!

Again, it's the content of character that counts. And caring doesn't mean giving up something. It demands we simply care enough to remember we are indeed all in this together.


teacher said...

It's a curious balance.

Mike H said...

If I can't do something, I'm sure gonna call someone who can help me. What it's all about!