Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things Seen

Like a supporating sore, incidents have arisen exposing child rape. I don't mince words. Molestation is just too weak a term. It borders rationalization. Not quite the level that the rapists themselves engage in, but it's lying to self and others nonetheless.

There is a particular incident where apparently an assistant coach saw a coach raping a boy in the school showers. If this is so, why didn't the assistant do something?

Could he have interceded and literally stopped the monster? Could he at least have called the cops? He went to the school 'authorities'.

What went through this moke's head? I'd say mind but it's obvious thought eluded him.

The coach was a powerful figure. He generated a lot of money and prestige for the university. That must have occurred to the assistant. Wouldn't want to jeopardize the golden goose. Surely reporting him would elicit a suitable reprimand. Not punishment of course.

Rocking the boat would cause irreparable damage not only to the pocketbook, but the image of the school.

Image is more important than truth. Btw, that seems to be a Hollywood axiom. silly, huh? People sell a load of goods and are afraid the public would find reality so jarring, they would not buy the product anymore. Maybe.

The public seems to turn its head or wink at some pretty outlandish things. It boils down to avoiding the truth since it might hurt. Why?

Perhaps people are afraid that such evils as child rape exist. They don't want to be reminded of terrible things. It couldn't happen to them could it? Just that way of nonthinking can cause it to happen.

Maybe they are afraid of themselves.

Who wants to open a can of worms? They might have to admit there are such evils, that such problems exist. Sweeping it under the rug however, just makes a lumpy mess.

And in this case, the children suffer.

At no time was the welfare of that boy considered. It's often the case with such 'delicate' issues. Innocence is destroyed. The bottom line is preserved.

Facing a problem head on has escaped our way of life.

I can tell you if that creep did that to this boy, he'd done it to others, and would again and again. Even if it were the first time he crossed the line into evil, it would have guaranteed repetitive behavior. Like an all consuming flame, power over the child would demand repeat acts.

My answer? To hell with money and prestige. Face the monsters. Stop the threat.

Oh dear. How dare I suggest such action?

Truly for the kids. Not that bs liberal salve that if it saves just one child, it should be done. That's only a ploy to steal Freedom.

If blowing the whistle, not for a time out, but to call the game, harms money and prestige, maybe we should look at values and priorities.

If it stops a life of fear and repression, it's worth more than every penny.

As we enter into that time of year for giving and thanks, look where you are. What are you doing to help?

A healthy Republic is only as sound as the people. Start with yourself and reach out. Not a panic of finger pointing. But to bring justice to those who matter more than money.

For if the children are not given protection and health, then so goes the Republic thence the world into a darkness from which we may never recover.


teacher said...

There is never an excuse when children are in jeopardy.

ham r. home said...

Beware false allegations.

Mike H said...

Point the finder is a deadly game often played to avert guilt. It leaves a taint. All the more reason to stand up. Look around you. See what's happening. Face the fear. Triumph. The scars, sacrifice, is worth it.