Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sparrow Song

Sparrows are always around. There is nothing seasonal about them. They adapt and flourish in spite of predation. Assertive little characters, sparrows evade and sing their plucky song to let us know they have withstood the hunt.

Supposedly, sparrows were present at Christ's crucifixion. They are a symbol of success after long efforts, triumph after longsuffering.

The socalled 'common people' are represented by the sparrow. Victory over oppression is another hallmark.

Who are the common people? Historically, they are the peasants, the workers, those who live under the supposed upperclass.

And before I'm misconstrued, there is no classless society. There are always deliniations, in spite of collectivist attempts.

The sparrow often goes undetected, hiding in plain sight. How many of us notice a maid, busdriver or clerk? Well some of us do -s-, but many take them and other service folk for granted.

Another more internal aspect comes to mind. The sparrow represents the nobility of said common man.

What does it mean to be noble? It's the question William Wallace asked Robert the Bruce in Braveheart. It's a very apt question.

It's not supposed high birth, nor is it wealth. It might be achievement, but it is mostly content of character. It is the core of what is best about humanity. It is found everywhere, no matter the station in life. We all play a part in life and at the very essence, is who we are.

The sparrow reminds me of this.

If your dignity and self worth are assailed and you just feel put down, stop it. Remember who you are. The taste of Freedom is both common and a gourmet treat -s-.

All these qualities should be remembered. They all play a part in the unfolding of events.

As the predators circle and weave around seeking to trap us, let us be like the sparrow, outmaneuvering them by many means.

Then we can sing our song of triumph.

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