Monday, September 30, 2013

Press Control

There is great hubbub about a proposed 'shield' law that would purportedly protect journalists from government incursion.  It seems people are walking on thin ice.

There is a great deal about this now on the internet.  Search and research as much as you like. 

I'm confining this mostly to comment, ie just a few cautionary thoughts.  I hope it's not sloppy journalism -s-.

I consider myself a journalist.  My major in college was Psychology, specifically Clinical.  But I have spent a great deal of time writing in school and since as a writer.  And btw, I am on the cusp of publication re my books.  I'll devote some space on a later post when it happens along with some reiteration of the 'ups and downs' involved. 

My caution rises when I see comments by the likes of Feinstein attempting to define what a journalist is.  It seems for her and for many that would be what we call Mainstream Media or MSM and especially those who support her and the others collectivist trash.  Oh-oh.  Guess she won't be in my corner lol.

It is a slippery slope arbitrating who is and is not a 'journalist'  Can it be anyone else besides those lopsided pundits and news folks who manipulate words to support corrupt government?  Again, looks like I'm biased huh?

Of course folks who invest time and money in a college career and even before with experience in school news sources should keep working.  But so should those who choose to report, opine and tell the news.

Seems gov wants to restrict us with wordy legerdemain so that the flow of opposing opinion is dried up.  Is it restricted to blogs (sic) or other places on the web such as Drudge?

I believe it is an assault on 1st Amendment rights as egregious as those upon the 2nd and the other much beleaguered articles in the BoR.

Read and research.  Don't take my word nor anyone else's without digging for truth.  don't go by what may sound right.  That's what the snow jobbers in gov want us to do.  Searchfor TRUTH.

That is what all of us should be about.  Many are not.  A throng steeped in Alinskyism etc seek to manipulate very carefully or even ham-fistedly to 'mold minds'.  Mold in the matrix of collectivism.  Or perhaps they seek to mold as in spoiled food.

My caveat in short is TRUTH.  What is it?  In re the BoR, it is the doorway of enumeration of basic rights.

If any are shining a light there and also on the darkness/lies/oppression hell bent on the Republic's destruction, that is the simple definition. 

And if so, then I don't care if it's an elder statesperson of the Fifth Estate or a 17 year old in pajamas.

Heck, I'm usually on the bed in my skivvies when I do any writing of any kind.  Don't let that vision scare you as October looms.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Who didn't have them?  Well some trust fund babies, red diaper babies, royalty and such.  Then again there are quite a few wealthy people who insist their kids get a taste of reality. 

Taking out the trash, cleaning your room and washing dishes are widespread and I did my share -s-.  Living on my own dictates I continue habits started in childhood.  I'm not much for 'let the servants do it' even if I had them.

Of course, some tasks we perform can be onerous.  They result in being labeled 'chore'.  So we dig in and get the job done.  Otherwise we end up exhausted before we finish.  Like my illustration of a drug store prescription room, we may look at all we must do, counting all the bottles etc, and want to give up.  My cure for that is to concentrate on what is in front of me, then go on. 

Whether they are routine, difficult/disagreeable or endeavors, they are all responsibility.  That is the crux.

Whatever level, from teeth brushing, preparing meals, changing diapers or restoring the Republic, we finish what we start. 

It may have a satisfaction of its own.  Clean teeth, kids, government may have their own rewards.  And every little bit helps.

Now my chore of writing a post is finished.  But I am never really done.  I rise to the task.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gethsemene Moments.

Have I written about this before?  Times of self doubt even fear which rack our psyches?  It's sort of related to the 'hour of the wolf', the time round 3-4am when such thoughts assault us.

I've had some lately and it is intense, stultifying.

What's the use?  If I give up maybe the doubts will go away.

To hell with that bs.

I endure such things.  They come to everyone, great and small as it were.

Didn't sweat blood but the anxiety was intense a little while back.

Then I remembered to practice what I preach.

I met it headon and wrestled through it.  Taking the risks with career and certainly the Republic, I would never know if I didn't do.

I will NOT fail.  By hook or by crook #2 says in the Prisoner.  Well, I'm not willing to use foul means lol.  But I am ready to do all I can to succeed.  And honesty has gotten me where I am.  It will carry me through the valleys to the peaks.

So I say DO sweat it.  Effort given pays out in solutions and results.  So what if that sounds like one of those motivational seminars?

Cliches are often true.

Weather the storm.  I makes you stronger on all levels.

Dark fear soaked nights give way to the clear dawn as it were -s-.

It helps us deal with the naysayers as we work to accomplish our goals.

So here I come!

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Exorcist

Spooky then in '73 and spooky now and I wager always.

As Halloween month approaches and the mere fact I decided to view it again, I want to chat about it.

I commented elsewhere about it already.  Spooky the film is because it deals with the invisible, the spiritual.  The Exorcist illustrates how good and evil wend their ways through our lives every day, often in quiet rather mundane ways. 

I'll leave it to you to look up plot, making of etc.  Such facts are interesting and there are odd stories abounding such as the sets becoming preternaturally cold, accidents and even a couple of deaths associated with the production.

You may choose to believe such things happen/exist or not.  I say to people about any of my positions to agree, disagree or ignore.  Some also attack -s-.

One thing about the ending of the film is cautionary.  If an exorcist dies in the commission of the rite, the assistant can take over.  Once engaged, it would be very bad giving up, to say the least.  But inviting trouble as Father Karras did is horse hockey.  Remember of course that this is a movie.  It's based on actual events.

Curiously the real case was made into a tv movie called Possessed with Timothy Dalton as the principle exorcist.  It does more truthfully recount the story but deviates at times and has some grand show biz enhancements.

People become uncomfortable discussing such things.  For many, it's implausible.  Others believe but are afraid to face spiritual themes.  Facing fear is something most all can agree exists and must be dealt with.

For instance I believe that the spiritual is real.  I also see communism/collectivism as a great evil which rots on all levels but evidences itself in day to day politics.

Being afraid of anything and hiding under the covers won't get us anywhere.  We must face reality, no matter how fantastic it appears.

So, what I'm running around robin's red barn about is simply to have faith.  God vanquished evil and in our daily battles with such help we do so too.

Whatever level comes forth, so we must advance, shedding light on that subject at hand.

One final note.  No one can be possessed unless they want to be.  How is that possible?  Aside from some who openly embrace darkness, many can be made to feel alone, isolated and helpless.  Despair is a tool used in our surface world.

Look around at the fear and hopelessness produced in the US and the world.  We are urged to give up.  We are sent emissaries of hope and change who have neither, save for a change to collectivism.  Put your mind on hold and do what you're told is hypnotic.

Realize you are NOT alone.  We are in the fight for Freedom, spiritual and material, together.  Witness our unique history and rejoice!

But at the same time, kick evil in the teeth.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I'm delaying by force as it were posting this.  This was not reticence on my part.  My computer frizzed. 

Thursday August 29th it froze then went blank.  And insteasd of editing myfirst novel, I read, wrote longhand and reflected about where I was in many places.  I gave a great deal of thought about how I have slowed or delayed some particulars in my life.

These remain my business, some literally.  But I will tell you that everything I need to do to effect positive change in my life is moving forward.  Some move faster than others.  Rest assured I will not use that old excuse of things taking time.  Indeed some do, but I will not drag my feet.

Reticence has cost me in the past.  By not getting on with my career, I have both lost friends and associates who helped and would still be supporting my efforts, as I would be backing them.  Opportunities do not last forever.

But if you are determined, you can make new ones.  I am doing so with my writing and as for other work, I'm seeing who wants to hire me.  That's it.

Details?  Again best left with me and my associates.  Plans are essential and time spent doing so important.  Just don't overdo it.

So, I won't waste any further time pontificating about what might have been nor what will be.

I will just do.

And one last thing.  My advice is don't wait til things get better.  You can 'improve' something into the ground.  Just learn from the warts and go on.

Things get better when things are done.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hoods Hoodies Hoods

I wore hoodies long before they were gangsta chic.  Both workout duds and knockarounds, they have been in my wardrobe since I was a kid.

Like many things, hoodies have achieved infamous notoriety long before that thug in Florida made them a twisted symbol of some kind of supposed free thought.

Thugs favor them because they help conceal identity in the commission of crimes. Fashion statements from criminals include hoodies and of course the lurid droopy drawers that are associated with prison w****s ie, availability for sexual activity behind bars.

I'm sure to be labeled by some as a clothes Nazi.  But emulating thugs and actually becoming one is hardly good for kids.  And I'm equally sure my 'rant' will go unheeded by many.

Hoods will continue to wear hoodies in neighbor 'hoods'.

But if I remain silent, even about what some consider inconsequential, then I am guilty of helping wrong rather than righting it.  And I tell you it is NOT insignificant.  It is like an iceberg, whose visible topsits openly while the rest and most, is under the surface.

Collectivist cultural attack is just that on all levels.

The most egregious backlash symbol I saw since that incident in Florida was a sketch of Dr King sporting a hoodie in some kind of posthumous solidarity with thuggery.

I do not presume to speak for him, but my opinion, based on his work and words, is that MLK would object to this and admonish today's youth, black, white and every other color under the sun to emulate those who seek to do right.  That which is right includes seeking to live together according to content of character and remembering that which is best about being American.

Hoodies keep my bare noggin warm.  They look cool because they feel good.

I bet a lot of people don't even think about fashion.  They want to be hip.

I say be yourself and make your own way.  Get with others of like mind and remember E Pluribus Unum: From Many One.

The common purpose of Freedom/Liberty is not communism!