Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallows Day

The candy is put away and the kids sleep. Another Halloween done. Those time flies keep buzzin lol.

As day surpasses night, here it is again. After the long dark night of fear comes the day of light.

We have faced what scares us and embraced it aka let it pass away. That embrace is misconstrued. It's NOT taking it up. It merely accepts the fact that fear exists, our dark side may try to keep us down etc. Once we know this, there is no stopping us from doing what we must.

We realize that tyranny has never slept. It has tried to take out the Republic by compromise aka bit by bit from the beginning.

As I suggest elswhere, we must sleep less than these enemies. Many are. Many more will.

They hate confrontation. Therefore, let's give it to them. Call them on the carpet for their crimes and let that light shine. The more it does, the more restricted the enemy becomes.

That may lead to them 'Ft. Sumtering' us. So be it.

How and what is that or will it be?

By not letting them go and making them accountable, they have already committed grievous harm to many.

When will it be enough?

It's darkest before the dawn and it's going to get worse, much worse before it gets better.

Too vague?

Would 'time will tell' be too cliche?

I will warn, I will expose, I will take back, and along with so many others, will be ready. Total commitment.

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