Sunday, November 1, 2009


There are several seminaries on the south side of Chicago. It's kind of an ecclesiastical enclave which borders the drugs hookers etal.

The Lutheran seminary closely borders the Roman Catholic. Interesting configuration. So close, yet so far.

I was attending a function for potential students and young church leaders. As those things go, it was ok, but I needed fresh air.

Stepping out on the balcony, I looked across toward our Catholic brothers' place.

On the balcony of their residence was a tall, elderly man. He was gaunt, white haired and had a far away look in his eyes.

His whole appearance was striking, even at this distance and those eyes spoke without a word. He had seen life, death, good and the very essence of evil. Weariness tinged with resignation.

He had stood between dark and light. He had willingly taken on something perfidious, insidious. At the behest and service of God, he had battled demons, knowing that some of his body would be gone forever. His spirit was never diminished, because he was never alone. He suffered for the greater good. He defended the weak and oppressed, and the possessed. His sense of dedication, faith, resolve and humor (Without it, nothing survives.) were exceptional.

I have never met anyone like him before nor since.

For the sake of illustration, I ask you to think of the most profound evil that attempts to grip us.

For those who do not belive in a god, then there is the deepest of darkness of human nature.

The insidious rot that eats our substance is quite like demonic possession in my mind.

It is relentless, recalcitrant. It never stops, only delays.

Let us cast it out with fervor and faith that we can restore this tainted Republic.

Am I overly dramatic? If I am off the mark then I am not far off.

This evil has many names. Communism, fascism, liberality, communitarianism etc.

It seeks to destroy individuality and a true sense of brother/sisterhood and replace it with the matrix of some homogenized nightmare, though it uses 'diversity' to reach its goal. All this does is create factionalism, so that we fight among ourselves and become ripe for the plucking.

Individuals made this country and declared 'e pluribus unum', or from many, one.

We must go toe to toe with these real monsters and cast them out.

Though we may be hurt in body, as this priest, our spirits will shine on (Our humanuty for you nonbelievers.).

I don't apologize. This is spiritual at its core.

And I have faith we will prevail.


Jay21 said...


very well written as usual.

Mike H said...

Thanks friend.