Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dead Actors

I was watching Rio Bravo the other day. It occurred to me that all the principal actors except for Angie Dickinson and most of the cast and crew, at least to my knowledge, are dead.

Certainly John Wayne, Dean Martin, Rick Nelson, Walter Brennan, Ward Bond, Claude Akins (Hoosier!), etal have gone.

Time continues its march. All are gone from the silent/20's period. Most are gone from the 30's-40's era. Some are dwindling from the 50's-60's. And there are the occasional untimelys.

It also crossed my mind that I like to watch dead actors.

So many of my favorites are in the spirit world now.

Many inspiring stories were told. There was often a message outright or 'in the ravioli'.

I admired many for their acting abilities and for the message portrayed.

It's like getting free acting lessons lol. And all the while stories written and directed that make you think.

Thanks to the many who have come before who paved the way.

I'm inspired most to combine acting/writing etc and that message of Freedom, in the mix, so there is entertainment, inspiration and the chance to renew ourselves.

There are people in Hollywood, the 'biz', who share that view. It's just that the libs get the press.

There are live actors etal who carry on.

I am working to be in a position to make my own films and achieve that aforementioned goal.

When I am, you all will hear of it.

My hope is that when my name is bandied about, that it will be associated with Freedom, Justice and of course, Restoration of the Republic. Big risk? It depends on the crowd with whom I hang.

On the road to my goals, not every little thing will reflect this. It's called paying the bills.

That is NOT a sellout, but commercials, some parts etc will get me noticed and give me the wherewithal to independently pursue my dreams.

Thanks to a group of dead actors etal and live ones, the dreams are approaching reality.

I will continue here and in all my daily life to expose the evil destroying us and to counter it and join in defeating it. I will do.

Thanks to the Founders and many after them, and the strength coming from their efforts and those of so many more today, that dream of Restoration is becoming a reality.

We have a long way to go. Be inspired by singular determination to reestablish and maintain Freedom.

You don't have to be on tv to be an 'actor'!


Tench Coxe said...

As long as Freedom lives, stories will be told of what is happening today.

Cmdr Sinclair said...

To the storytellers past present and future: De Oppresso Liber.

ol timer said...

The dead actors are way bettter thn the crap artists now, with a few exceptions.

I'm tired of the liberal drivel.

They even are remaking True Grit with Jeff Bridges as Rooster, Matt Damon as the Ranger andJosh Brolin as the killer. Ugh.

What a kick in the pants to Duke.

Mike H said...

I think Duke, even now, is up to them trying -s-.