Saturday, November 14, 2009


There is nothing simple about what I do. It's work, in its own way as hard as anything I've done, including raising kids. At least a close second -s-.

We've had some rough times financially. No woe is me here. It meant an opportunity to teach the kids to make do and strive for better. Strive, not be handed.
There has been a lot of sacrifice to establish my work and to keep raising the kids and give em a good start. There is more work ahead.

Nobody said turning words into money is a cinch. It's not.

It has to be decided, knowing all the ins and outs, whether to proceed, whether to take the risk.

Then it takes dogged determindness.

I will keep on keepin on.

Those years of struggle were worth it.

They taught us to get by as best we could and without cadging the state.

We relied on one another. We offered our talents and practical knowledge. We have taken out in trade.

If it comes down to it, and you are taken in, don't be a lump. Pay back in whatever way you can. One day, those do nothing lumps are going to be out.

If we each eke out a living, contribute, then what's coming will be easier. Not a breeze, but the more the better.

Whether it's merry or not may be a way of getting through with some humor when you think there is none. Believe me, we have laughed through the tears.

Things look to be getting worse for this tattered Republic.

What will people do if it gets so bad that the shelves may be empty? What can you do to stave off the beast?

Learn to rely on yourselves. Learn to 'make do' and more. Learn to be productive in ways you have never dreamt of.

Preparedness is one word for it.

Mindset and surveying your situation are essential.

So many cannot fathom a crisis that would leave them without. The cares of the day keep them enmeshed.

I've recommended planning ahead before.

It's never too late, I hope.

See what you can do and learn new things. Don't put yourself in a box. Be willing to help others as in getting together and pooling resources.

Check out James Wesley, Rawles and others. This includes looking at Mike Vanderboegh's Sipsey Street Irregulars and David Codrea's War On Guns as well as Pete's Western Rifle Shooter's Association. They have many useful refs for many useful endeavors.

Today, give thought to what you know you can do and think about adding to that. Trading will be more than just the tangibles. Develop skills. And maybe that hard time you have had can pay off.

You can eke out a living. You can do better than that even.

It's better than waiting and having to eek out a panic.

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Arch said...

Keep something back, even when you are tight, and make a place for essentials.