Friday, November 20, 2009

Splitting The Sheets

If you are reading this, my wife and I have divorced.

You may wonder why I'm mentioning something so private. It's my choice.

It explains what I have been saying re postings being late. A minor thing, but kind of a surface action, while this family drama unfolded.

It was not arrived at easily. Twenty years, two kids and much drama/comedy/tears/laughter, done.

It is time for her to be on her own. I believe she needs to be as does she. She has several options, so what she does will be worth it.

As for me, there is much to do. I won't be busy for busy's sake.

The kids are ok. Will is 19 and still determined to be a Marine pilot and is interested in engineering on the side. He's pretty much on his own, ss it were. Erica is 14 and wants to follow her Dad into acting. Joint custody for her.

There is no animosity. Of course, nothing is perfect -s-.

We are in total agreement and I have given her what she wants and vice versa. What's ours is ours etc. and no fights over 'things'.

Please don't ask more.

I wanted to explain this in brief and leave it at that.

We all look forward to the future and Freedom in a Restored Republic.

There is a 'ps'.

It riles me how the court interferes with people's lives. Our divorce is 'granted' per the court's approval.

Begging permission from the state aka marriage license was bad enough. This gave the state permission to have a say in our union of 20 years, which had its ups and downs and our subsequent parting.

And yes, there are many contentious partings. My first marriage and divorce was not good.

I lost custody of my oldest daughter, 'in the best interests of the child', though I was the better parent. Her Mom was neglectful, including staying away a whole year while I raised our girl by myself.

Didn't matter. She needed her Mommy said the most high court. The fact that it harmed her didn't make 'no never mind' to the powers that be.

There was none of that here.

We ironed everything out before hand and my attorney handled the legal mumbo jumbo.

This time there was no whoring, stealing nor neglect.

It is just a mutual agreement to live apart. Period.

Mind you, it has not been without ups and downs. But those were dealt with.

I wish her well and as said before, we will work to bring back the Republic.


Been There Done That said...

Mixed emotion time..I'm glad for you all though.

It's still not the easiet thing I know.

teacher said...

Stay the course, son.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you just a little bit ticked at her?

kava said...

You will do well.

henry said...

Is this too early?

JJ said...

Glad the kids are ok.

Brother said...

I've got a sister........

lolo said...

Work yes.

Relax some.

Live. (I know you will)

Mike H said...

Been There: Your're right.

Thanks teach. You bet.

Anon: There is a comedian in every bunch.

Thanks kava. With friends like you, I cannot fail.

Yes henry a little. Nice scenery though -s-.

Me too JJ.

Brother, I've got a sister too.

lolo: yes, yes, yes.

kava said...

I might add, my friend, your path is clear.

Mike H said...

I will, in due course, chronicle my side of the story as it were.

It's a long one, but it needs to be told.