Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

Once again, it's here. Time flies like the wind. Fruit flies like bananas harhar.

My daughter's swansong re trick or treat was a kind of goth vampire look. She's read a bunch of vampire novels. We talk about this and of course other things from all aspects of life. She is very much based in reality btw and not lost in all the 'vampire chic' these days. I predict parties in the years to come.

My son merely sat it out and conversed with friends online and played military strategy games. He'll likely celebrate in his own way in the future.

I just fixed hamburgers and drank some beer. Industrious. But I was thinking.

I think about fear and not just because of Halloween.

It's a powerful weapon, and can be used for weal or woe.

Me (as in the incorrect, but commonly used 'It's me'), the broken record, skips over and over, don't be afraid, don't be afraid.......

Those who would be our masters want us to be very scared and either give up, run amok shooting, generally run amok, fight among ourselves, and generally do nothing.

Do something. Resist. Learn how they think. Be ready for any contingency. Fight.

And let em know you won't back down.

Let them do the work (as in no Fr. Sumters). They will crack and inevitably be scared themselves at the level we are willing to achieve.

So, have fun on Halloween. Face those fears and beat em.

Look inside yourself and face what's there. The libs don't. But out of their fear of us as well as themselves, they will trip on their collective d!cks.

The real scary stuff is ahead -s-.

But, there is a promise of a better day after.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I never make a promise I can't keep. At least most of the time. There are those times that circumstances make me retract. Rarely. I will climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest sea, trek the longest journey to see a promise through. This is particularly true for my kids. And myself. And our Republic.

I have seen people with so much promise fall after crumbling slowly. Left alone to wonder and wander, haunted by might have beens, they slip through the cracks.

Making a promise should be something taken very seriously. A promise to take the kids somewhere, to buy them clothes or even a treat, should not be made lightly. Too many disappointments can lead to that crumbling base, a foundation of lies.

I have seen people make promises they could never keep. They think they are buying time and can keep their word. All they do is postpone with procrastination.

If, after the best of intentions, a plan falls through, be honest with whomever you make a promise as to why it cannot be kept. Perhaps, somethong better will happen as a result. Otherwise, you might become a font of lies, undependable.

Of course, there are degrees of seriousness. Some promises are more solemn than others.

But, all should bear truth.

Beware of 'we'll see'. It's an ok stop gap if uncertain. Too often, it comes to mean 'no'. Shouldn't no mean no -s-?

We can promise tyrants we will resist. We can bring great promise to wield when the time comes'

It's truth we and our enemies can believe in.

I promise.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I sit writing this listening to Loreena McKennitt. It touches my Celtic heritage and calms me.

BTW, I don't know a thing about her beliefs, political nor otherwise. Don't care. I like the music. It comforts me.


To give strength and hope as well as console.

To give purpose, not excuses.

Such as comfort foods. Great stuff. Like almond paste coffee cake!

It's nice to have a snack. Relax and kick back. Take a break.

It's not nice to hide in food, til it becomes a poison. Whether it's fat or bad cholesterol, that's a bad payment for 'pleasure.

It's as self destructive as booze, smack etc. Same can be said for overspending.

I see examples of this stuff all around me. It's sickening.

Do I have sympathy for those who slowly kill themselves? Sure. Provided they learn to help themselves, take responsibility for themselves.

We should take great liking to our creature comforts. They make life livable. Favorite music, food, etc. are terrific relief. There is another factor however.

What if they are taken away or severely limited.

Memories help in time of privation. But that's not all. We should learn to make do.

It's amazing how we can get by with little. It's the simple things.

The reason is simple. If we want to restore the Republic, live in Freedom, we know there is a price to pay.

That price may be forfeiture of all we have up to and including our lives.

It comforts me to know we are ready.

A DC Morning

He sat in the coffee shop, drinking tea and eating scones. He contemplated how the previous night transpired.

People on the street went about, probably to work, school, maybe from a lover's bed, to whatever awaited them that morning. An older Black man was sipping coffee and looking out as well and the warmth of brewing coffee/tea and baking were welcome comfort from the dull Spring cold.

'Guileless, the world goes on', he thought. Just as the night before, he sojourned about seeking a bit of the past as he delivered the future.

People going to the theater, to the store, to get a spot of drink, meeting and greeting for dinner. While he played cat and mouse. Quiet, soft footsteps, in and out of the streetlights.

To start, she was dressed as a Naval officer, at a recruitment stand in the lower lobby of his hotel. Cute. Inevitably, nearby were the guys who were going to try and make his life difficult.

Back up the escalator, through the lobby and down the front steps, shadows following.

Then the streets of DC laid out, like a maze toy thrown by a peckish child. Into the night.

He fingered the throwaway gun and hoped he didn't need to use it. So small but too much bang for the buck near the hotel, even with a supressor.

As he thought, he passed a street worker, finishing his rounds. An innocent who could be caught up in this little intrigue. Or was he?

He kept his eye on the worker and ducked into a liquor store.

The clerk eyed him warily seeing something he wished wasn't seen.

He calmly took his time and bought a half pint of whiskey, a good brace against the cold later.

All the time he monitored the street. The worker went on and his 'fans' swept past the store.

He exited and crossed the street in the other direction.

'Dance of the toreadors', he thought.

He made for Dupont Circle. Quiet, deserted, not like the last time he was there. Another story, another time.

Cutting through, he saw the two trailing ahead. He cut to the side.

Dark, deserted, the nightlife elsewhere. No cover here save for the side streets.

He made a beeline for a hotel. Hide in plain sight.

People bustling, what a contrast to the cold dark night.

He asked the concierge directions to his own hotel. Then he left the well lit cordial hubbub, undetected.

His shadows just couldn't get a fix on him. Crowds, dar, light, he blended in and simply blocked their 'radar'.

In his room, there was a message from her. 'Sorry, wrong room', delivered with just a hint of amusement. He smiled and secured himself as he slept on another floor.

'The delivery was made to the place that never was.' His signal. Delivered to ears that did not hear.

Certainly the eyes never saw........

He finished his meager breakfast and left, smiling at the old Black man. The man , in return smiled and looked again to the street, the people.

Point taken.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Guarantees

I've heard the whiny singsong that there are no guarantees in life.


Probably if you sit on you a$$ and wait for salvation, payment, reward, position etc and fill in the blank (including bills paid -s-), you aint gonna breathe long, if holding your breath. No risk no gain.

Now, as for guarantees, there's the rub.

I have seen so many set their sites low, expectations set adrift in dreamland, without a plan, and have seen them fail.

They make a 'plan' and never stick to it.

Or they give themselves one chance, and failing, give up. Well, they moan, I tried......

And the excuses. The predominant one is a vague 'well, they don't like me/they don't think like I do', etc. Anything you can dream up is sufficient. It usually doesn't tally with the reality that the applicant is neither prepared nor has a realistic conception of the requirements for whatever goal is desired. There is only some wispy notion that there is a job as: again fill in the blank.

There is a guarantee for these people. They will never succeed. They will dwell in mediocrity and be so far gone, they will fight to remain so.

There is a guarantee for those of us who dare, for all who seek to do beyond the norm, over and above. That guarantee is a CHANCE to prosper, to regain Freedom, and yes (Knew I'd get to this huh?), rebuild the Republic.

Can we fail? Did the Founders? How do you measure success? Then and now?

We have the resolve. We have the facts. We have the means. And if we die, we will have tried.

Lost? Only if we fail to teach the kids.

The guarantee is an unquenchable fire that will rekindle the Republic.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

B Day

Another milestone. How old is immaterial. Actors and ladies don't reveal their ages lol.

A time for reflection. The past visits for the day.

Many I care about are gone, never forgotten. I miss them. But, I'm NOT ready to join them yet -s-. There is a lot to live for.

I hope to be around as my kids rise up and take their places as decent honest Americans, as they continue what we may well have started.

I hope to make my mark as a writer/actor and produce pieces that reflect the Light of Freedom (And have some fun singing and doing some stage work).

All this, and my memories of past birthdays.

A boat cake at 3, brought in by my Dad, who took the day off. A party catered by Mom's nonpareil cooking topped off by a long capgun fight in the dark with my big brother. He had nudged me and showed me the disc caps for the top break guns. That went on til Dad broke it up! A kiss on the cheek from my cousin Rita, a three year old redhaired fatale lol. My Sis had gotten me a toy rubber green tractor at the neighborhood drugstore. Kinda anticlimatic, but I wanted to include her -s-. She was 13 and my bro 10. This was the effort they made then as a family to make it a happy day.

There have been many more and maybe I'll chronicle them in a book someday. Including this birthday today.

Very quiet. Steaks, chocolate cake, and movies. A cigar and whiskey with my son.

That's it. I like to keep it simple.

I'm so very fortunate to have had these experiences. So many are robbed of such. I thank God for them and hope for the future.

If I'm allowed to remain a while, I hope I make use of the time.

Not just for birthdays but for this country. I promise to use my time to help bring back the Republic.

I will remember the many who have already sacrificed all.

And whenever my time here is up, so be it.

The kids and theirs can remember and continue.

We will celebrate the rebirth of Freedom in the Republic in this world and the next.


Let's face it. If it weren't for our ancestors, we wouldn't be here.

Particularly, if it hadn't been for those 3pers of old, spurred by the Founding Fathers we wouldn't be here-free.

Now, as then, we must watch out for those sly dogs who whisper sweet nothings and bribe with entitlements and other empty promises, like 'suitors' who proclaim 'love' when all they want is to get into our pants and/or gigolo us (We've been ****** enough.).

The Candyman may bring drugs as well as sweet words to bribe away Freedom. What better way to assist conquering a people than to make them sick and dependent.
Beware the bright lights and the drugsoaked entitlement/give away chacha.

Why am I bothering to say the 'broken record' obvious? Partly because it's my birthday and sometimes the obvious needs to be said, lest many who remain blind and deaf or razzle dazzled by the Candyman don't have every chance to learn.

Never pass up an opportunity to refute and expose the Candyman.

To those who have ears, may they hear (Forgive a Biblical paraphrase.).

Nie Wieder

Never again. The vow made against another Holocaust. Then again there have been so many. So many unarmed people have succumbed to tyranny. So many continue to be annihilated. Not always. At least not without a fight.

Thermopylae and the Alamo are major events that summon such thoughts and feeling. So is the fight that took place in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Marek Edelman, a cardiologist, was the last surviving commander of the ca 220 Jewish men and women, boys and girls, who effectively resisted the Nazis for over three weeks and showed the world Jews COULD fight.

Please, as always, read up on this battle. There is much to learn.

The resistance stultified the Nazis, who never expected it. Different from now, when there are those who trample our rights and tighten the grip of tyranny who know they have a fight on their hands on all levels. Some may under or overestimate us, 3pers, Restorationists etc. But we are here and aren't going anywhere.

Arms were a meager few handguns at first and then captured Nazi guns and some from Polish Resistance helped. Also, there were explosives and incendiary bombs.

Remember Warsaw Ghetto! That few fought many and most died.

Yet, they inspire all who would be free.

As Jews vow nie wieder, never again such a Holocaust, so must we all vow to fight for Freedom.

So many seem to cheapen what has been done before. Jews who are antigun join with other liberals in some sick tribal dance of death.

Our rights are bartered away and sleight of hand steals more Freedom.

Let us remember Marek Edelman among those who show us that we CAN resist!

We can stare death in the face and say NO!

We can expose those who destroy us from within with a resolve to make it a price that will cost tyrants everything and bring our Republic back.

April 19 1943 is the usual date seen that the fight began in earnest in the Ghetto. A date much heralded by US for Lexington and Concord.

Don't be amazed that people were still hurt and the communist Polish governemnt tried anti Semitic maneuvers against Jews in 1968. Most remaining Jews left, including edelman's wife and 2 kids. He stayed and doctored in Lodz.

As a heart specialist, he save many lives. The evil that would kill a healer was stopped, but never completely.

The death toll continues round the world, especially where those people have been disarmed.

For me personally, I say NIE WIEDER!

We must not forget that the Second Amendment is just an enumeration of the fact that defense is our Right, not just here but it is true around the world. We must, therefore, be torch/standardbearers and inspire the world to be free. It is our role as Americans.

May we continue to be inspired by Dr. Edelman and all the others through history who stood in hell.

Our turn is coming.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pipe Dreams

Kids love to imagine the future. That's one reason they play pretend. They play house, doctor and otherwise imitate adults (And yes for curiosity as well.).

'When I grow up, I'm gonna be do say etc'. It's how we nurture those dreams that set the stage for a real future, instead of lifelong pretend, or pipe dreams.

I've always encouraged our kids to do and be what they want. There has always been an open dialog about needs and wants, fears and desires.

On the other hand, there are those who never receive such mentoring. They go on their merry way, blundering like headless chickens, til they further damage themselves and frequently others.

They are mushy, palpable masses of suet instead of sinew. They are never given vision, nor allowed to develop it. Rather, they escape into self absorption and rationalize all their mistakes.

Others are responsible for their problems. They didn't do it. If caught in some mess (later crimes), they say they are 'sorry'. Of course, they are only sorry they were caught.

What's pathetic beyond these proto liberals, is the system of enablement they get. More myopia begets more myopia.

Instead, dare to dream. Don't give up. Dreams based in reality will succeed, if cared for and drawn out. I dare to dream of making the Republic whole again.

Dreams can come true.

Our kids will see to it after we're gone.

Only Two

Most Chuck Norris flicks aren't memorable for catch phrases, at least for me. There is one in Delta Force that rang a bell though.

A plane is hijacked by a pair of Islamic terrorists. Among other things, they round up any Jewish males onboard.

Shelly Winters plays the wife of one. As he is led away, she shouts, 'There are only two! Help him! What's wrong with you? Why won't you stop them? There are only two! It's just like the Holocaust!'.

The situation becomes more complicated after that. It would have been better to have stopped these two guys. Then of course, Chuck wouldn't have had much to do huh?

Sure, the baddies might have been some kind of spec ops. Or not. But there were so many people on board, why couldn't they have 'ganged up'?

The obvious answer is that it was a movie and the plot had to play out. OK.

But, this is an interesting premise. What if they resisted? Short movie lol.

The risk is that some would get killed or at least wounded. That could play on the minds of many in a real situation. That might be thinking too much.

On the other hand, thinking too little just aint good either.

Sometimes, you just have to go for it, come what may.

Didn't the Founders do that?

Mind you after much 'consideration' they did what they had to do to fight for Freedom.

That consideration weighed the 'fors and agains', the injustices that at the time were egregious (One wonders what they would think now. The past slights are much milder than now. But that is not the point. Slavery is slavery.).

The 'shtetl' mentality. The small village way of life that dictated compliance lest they be wiped out. Hmmm.

There is an article by Eric King that addresses this mindset.

The fear is that if one defends oneself against a few, then more will come and annihilate .

What this fails to take into consideration is if you take out the initial group, then you prepare to take on the rest.

You must have a total commitment to defense.

The greater the challenge, the more ingrained and entrenched we must be.

Entrenched or mobile.


It's hard to do sometimes. Just now, I remonstrated our dog, Steve, for chewing himself.

We're treating him for dry scalp, arthritis and allergies. We need to keep him from chewing himself raw and thus risk infection. Plus, he seems to be suffering from doggy Alzheimers. It's sad to see him get so dim. Better than the 'selective memory' of the libs.

Many can't seem to stop drinking, smoking (fill in the blank), etc. And yes, there are compulsive masturbators. No I'm not -s-. And some of those masturbators are the pundits of collectivism. They do indeed salivate at their own words and have a self love affair. Hmmm, sounds like Hollyweird.....

There are all sorts of things that are hard to stop, for many different reasons. Quite a few have to 'hit bottom' as it were. Something, usually tragic, has to happen that will unquestioningly make a person stop and take charge. And that often means putting oneself in another's hands for many problems. It does not always have to be so. There is a problem. It must stop. Easy? Again, it depends. Eventually, even with others' help you must help yourself.

I'm thinking of the disfunctional 'merry-go-round' that can keep people enslaved for ages. The spinning, dizzying circle that never ends. The same old same old.

The familiar can be comforting or can be stultifying. When people get stuck riding the merry-go-round, they are caught in a disfunctional cycle. Afraid to stop, they find weird comfort in sameness, though it is destructive. At least, they 'know it'. Familiarity breeds self-contempt.


Get off!

What it will take depends on you.

But, once you are off, you can experience watching that which entranced you to do nothing. Learn from it. See what made you so circular.

What ever keeps you from doing and being should be looked at. So then, it will not happen again.

Remember, that which is then beneath you will try to pull you down again. Misery loves company. Rise above it and be free.

Getting off and watching is not enough. We must learn not to keep watching it spin. A trap in itself.

Once gone, turn to the light of a new day and do what you know is right.

How else will Freedom be reborn?


Great way to start posting this month. Trick or treat is coming.

My son and I were talking about Zombieland which starts this month. It's a comedy about a group of people making their way across the US after a 'zombie holocaust' has devastated it. I commented that there has been a pletora of major market zombie flicks for several years now, whereas before there was one every now and then. My son's observation is noteworthy.

He replied that we were bereft of enemies. We need something to fight, and, with no specific enemies, zombies are filling a fictional gap because the public needs something to oppose.

Of course we have enemies that are quite real. Radical Islamists come to mind. But they are often made to be a vague conglob. There is little to put one's finger on. And they are the major excuse via terrorism, for destroying our rights at an unprecedented level.

There are enemies that are more specific. Those would be the collectivists/liberals who chip away our rights, while many just grumble. That makes us our own worst enemies.

We are made to chase our tails and compromise our rights away. I refuse to do so. Such is the way of what is now known as 3 percenters aka threepers.

Zombie stories can be entertaining, but they can get you to thinking.

Obviously they are impossible (Far as I know -s-.). But as my son said, they objectify 'enemy'. I find the message in the ravioli to be 'what ifs'.

There is the 'survivalist' aspect that is most appealing. Tough odds, vastly outnumbered, fighting for life. These are very real, for it is what we face. No zombies (except for the mindless libs etc spouting there tired slogans), our enemies are those who destroy our Republic. If all else fails, we will find ourselves in the fight of our lives and most certainly the greatest war in our history.

Now the mindless aspect is the mind numbing fiction and the games that replace reality and truth for so many.

My son enjoys games and zombie flicks etc. But he knows reality from fantasy. His life is multifacted and quite varied as to thought level. He puts down the keyboard and picks up his guns, knowledge and gift for communication.

As for me, I dig the movies, but am not into gaming at all. Maybe it's generational lol. I see the zombie stuff as opportunities to think as well as relax and get away from the world for a couple hours.

I know there are those who go to movies as they do sporting events to retreat and turn off. They don't go beyond that.

As for me, I always look for multitextured meanings. Where there is none, I don't try to invent any.

So have some fun in 'Zombieland' etc. Then face the real monsters who seek to enslave us, to make us mindless 'zombies' or drones for the collective.

Don't be scared of the living dead.

Be ready to fight them on all levels in all ways.