Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Nation Of Guns

That liberty sucking blowhard Daley is pursuing inanity again.

He said, in response to the USSC decision that centered on guns in Chicago that 'we are a nation of laws, not a nation of guns.


Leave it to a tinpot dictator to minimalize Freedom.

We are very much a nation of guns and laws.

Unfortunately, too many socalled laws are statute aberrations that either distort the BoR etc or are blatant violations.

Even now, Daley's thugs aka the City Council are nitpicking just how the 'law' can still be applied to Americans unfortunate to live in the Windy City. They have spoiled a wonderful town.

I used to enjoy going to Chitown. Sewed many a wild oat there. Great memories. Not anymore.

The proposed gun ordinance is a bureaucratic nightmare.

The details are onerous, insuring a red tape extravaganza.

Look it up. It's easy to find. David Codrea has a report at War on Guns.

I don't have the stomach to go into detail here.

They are leaving themselves wide open for suits.

El Bloato Daley and henchmen said 'it's the people's right to sue'.

It's the arrogance of ignorance and the ignorance of arrogance.

Another nail in the coffin not of tyranny, but of such corrupt gasbags as Daley.

He fears our nation of guns.

He should.

For there is a reckoning coming.

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