Saturday, June 12, 2010



One thing should be made clear.

Salaam is from the Arabic. It is similar to Hebrew shalom.

They mean peace but are more encompassing.

And something perhaps more important or at least just as.

That Arabic language existed long before the stain of Islam hijacked the term as well as chants and other modes of worship from the Eastern Church.

You may think I am intolerant and too harsh.

I am not.

Salaam as translated/interpreted from Islam, means total domination of all others and submission to the religion of the 'prophet'.

It's original connotation truly means an all embracing peace, from within and without. It is protection, comfort and that wealth of being that God supplies.

It is not a bully phrase, though of course, salaam is salaam in war and peace as the world defines these terms. It transcends both the political and spiritual.

Forcing 'peace' is making war. There is a point where that backfires without faith.

Yes, we must fight for Freedom in all the forms.

And I would say to maintain peace, we must be always ready to fight for it.

However, it's not submission by force but by choice where our strength lies.

If peace is not in the heart, it will fail.

And if we also fail to fight, our very heart as a Republic will die.

Peace would be as an opiate instead of vitalization.


GIJosephine said...

Peace through superior firepower.

Mike H said...

That too -s-.

teacher said...

Weren't some of the customs of pagans appropriated by the early Church including feast days?

Mike H said...

Yep. Was it the same thing? Nope.

It was meant to smooth over conversion, whereas Islam ripped off the Eastern/Syriac/Arabicv churches and claimed they originated with Mohammad.

Was the Christian assimilation right or wrong? You decide.