Thursday, June 3, 2010


No, it's not about how to sabotage in a war nor the history of sabotage, ie, disrupting the enemy's activities as it were -s-.

I figure you all can do your own research.

I speak of how some of us sabotage our lives, our destinies, even when we say we are not.

One might say they want to become an actor (-s-) or a lawyer, or what have you.

Training is started, preparations made and then, poof, the goal is derailed, scuttled.

It may be a combination of internal and external events that cause this.

Take a look at where you are.

Not finishing what one starts is a common symptom of alcoholics and their families.

Sometimes the plans are so grandiose that it's impossible to attain them.

It's best to make plans that are reachable bit by bit, rather like taking back the Republic.

Self control is NOT controlling due to lack of self, which is a common trait among the abused. With self control, one can plan and work out a complete roadmap that can be done piece by piece, rather like a story arc. The lack of self of the abused etc is filled with real purpose andgoals to achieve.

When the sabotage takes place, blame is often sought on others to defray the cost of failure.

Excuses, some well thought out others at the spur of the moment just flow and absent the problem. We can allow ourselves to be 'taken for a ride' and become victims or even accomplices (enablers) to sabotage. Our own plans get caught in the net and we become stranded on that desert isle of hopelessness.

It is often through great pain and hard knocks that we learn to face ourselves and give oruselves the space we need to honestly grow.

If you sabotage, see and ask why. Be honest, even when it might cause more pain before the cure.

If you are the 'recipient' of sabotage, don't let misery loves company destroy your dreams.

'Hold onto your dreams. Don't let anyone take them away. Never give up.' Michael Blake


teacher said...

Hold on tight to your dreams as the song says.

kava said...

It's still a bumpy ride, friend, but not for much longer.

Mike H said...

Please tell tthe committee I'm on my way very soon finally!