Thursday, June 24, 2010


There is much speculation what the treasure of the Knights Templar is.

Some say it's gold etc.

Others say it's relics of the saints etc.

Even more say it's teachings.

I'd say it's all three.

Then again, there is speculation just what the Templar Knights were and/or who they were.

Modern interp can mix with ancient legend and make for some Hollywood yarns spun.

There could be a message in the ravioli concerning human nature and what we are made of.

As with accusations against them in the 1300's, there have been portrayals of Templars as evil, devil worshipping, manipulating scum.

They have been presented as heroes and have been the preservers of treasure re relics and gold etc.

There is a degree of Freemasonry called Knight Templar and also there is a modern order claiming descent from the original Order.

One of the legends entails how Friday the 13th became infamous re bad luck. It was the day Jacque DeMolay was burnt at the stake!

Interestingly, he declared that within a year both the King of France, who instigated a purge of the Order and the then current Pope would die. They did.

I believe there was simply more to them than met the eye.

There were circles. The outermost were the warrior monks. There were groups who were increasingly esoteric and some claim there were female members at least adjunct as well.

Like all of us, there were good ones, evil ones and those in between.

As to their function, well, leave it to those who find this page to research for themselves.

Personally, being descended from Templars and their allies particularly in Scotland, I know of their best efforts and support of Scottish Independence from England in the 1300's.

True Templar Treasure to me is that fight for Freedom that foreshadowed our War for independence. They inspired the Founders and they can inspire us.

That is truly Treasure that never fades and born of faith that never dies.

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