Sunday, June 27, 2010



Ever like the way a word sounds?

Not only is it a popular medical term for poop, it is part of the term 'stool pigeon'.

Originally from Old German and Old Church Slavic meaning chair, seat, throne.

I remember being at The Lumber Company basement bar after a session at the Nationa Weather Service. That was in conjunction with my job as a DJ long ago.

There was a wedding party that had segued among us.

Some of them were so blitzed, they actually balanced stools on their heads (not for long -s-). Thus, the pasttime of 'stool dancing' was born.

Stoolies are a dime a dozen in government. They exist among Freedom fighters.

They are the cause of much pain.

There are several reasons people stoolies/sell out.

Often, getting past notions of revenge or some kind of 'loyalty' for the other side or even commitment to the 'principles of collectivism, it boils down to two things: greed and money.

They can be separate though one serves the other.

People who succumb to greed, bribery or blackmail are of course weak.

They lack principle. They cannot weather the storm of scandal when false or lies/truth are thrown their way.

They don't stand and say 'you can't blackmail me. My life's an open book. They don't even try to spume or cover up like sever criminal;s in chief of late.

They simply give in.

So it is with those who covet wealth or what they perceive as power.

Be true to Restoring the Republic.

Don't let the turkeys shoot you down.

Be honest, though it's sometimes hard to face yourself and others.

Then the only stool around will be those turds who sell us out for gain.

There will indeed be a day of reckoning for them.

Truth will out.

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teacher said...

They're running out of ways to try polishing them.