Monday, November 15, 2010


That was my final classification under the old Selective Service aka draft.

I had a hereditary shoulder bone that was thin where it should have been thick. It slipped out of the socket. The solution was to staple it together. Thus, I was deprived by genetics of serving my country militarily.

I have survived. I have adapted. My life went a different way than some of my classmates and fellow citizens.

Some who went to 'nam never came back. Others came back physically, but were lost upon return. Some came back changed physically. Such is war.

Many came back and lived healthy lives. So goes life.

I actually was sorry I couldn't serve. I wanted to be in Vietnam. Most guys who came back told me I didn't miss much. Maybe I was spared death or something else. I reconciled that a long time ago. Time marches on.

There are many ways to serve the Republic.

Be honest, and I don't mean be good and pay your taxes aka eco extortion. No. be open to setting brushfires in the minds of men as Sammy Adams said.

Being truly patriotic, not just a flag waver, takes commitment. just as much commitment as shouldering a rifle or driving a truck or operating a myriad of equipment in uniform does and maybe more.

More because you don't sign the paper or take an oath. Oaths can be taken for various reasons, but I talk of a silent giving of yourself to a cause, specifically the casue of Freedom and even more, Restoring the Republic.

That silent surrender to stand may not remain silent for long. For, if we don't speak out, well I think we all see what is happening and historically as well when we don't act.

Prickle the employees. Be prepared to backup yourself and others with readiness.

The fact that now more than ever those of us making a stand are being ridiculed and reviled, some even getting arrested for simply reminding the state we are the boss and we demand they do the will of the people or we change things.

They bring down the iron fist of tyranny to quell us.

I don't know about you or maybe in some instances I do, but I'm plenty pi$$ed at these 'rascals' and criminal usurpers including the placaters who try to 'rule' us.

For what must inevitably come, there is no worry about a bad classification.

We are all 1-A's now.


teacher said...

Many talents, many places.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure being or having been in the military means very much. At least as far as just about anything right thinking patriotism in particular. My ex brother in law objected to the vietnam war on moral grounds and refused to serve. He paid a price. He was right and I was wrong.

If you weren't physically able that is the luck of the draw. You get a pass. But yes we are all IA Jews now.