Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks And Thanks A Lot

My list is pretty long for thanks. Maybe a lot longer for thanks a lot. below is a sampling.

Thanks for my son and daughter, joy mixed with pain lol.
Thanks for many friends, who inspire and strengthen. Hope I give back as well.
Thanks for my work. It focuses me so I can be more effective.
Thanks for endurance, without which I would be ended.
Thanks for Freedom, without which we cannot live!
Thanks for The Founders, who laid the groundwork.
Thanks for others letting me know I'm far from alone in the fight.
Thanks for shedding light on child exploitation.

And the thanks a lot crowd? Mostly the usual suspects.

Thanks a lot to the current marxist in chief for continuing the tradition of obstruction of justice and continuing the death of the Republic.
Thanks a lot to congress for the same.
Thanks a lot to people who cry hate when they themselves are actually hating.
Thanks a lot to those who use social causes to further socialist agendas.
Thanks a lot for wrongfully imprisoning innocent folks.
Thanks a lot but no thanks!

One last thanks: to God for all things for it is from all things we learn.


kava said...

Thanks for you!

Mike H said...

Thanks for you!