Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yin Yang

Republicans and Democrats.

People still fall for the polarization scam. One's good and the other's evil, from either viewpoint. Sheesh!

I guess Lincoln's old bit about fooling the people applies here. No further comment on the 16th President at this time. Some people can be fooled all the time, or else we would not have the idiotic contention we experience and so piquantly at elections.

I have said before and will say again and again, that one of the tactics used to control people is to keep them divided.

Opposites are a constant however. Obviously it is for more than variety that we have them. Male and female are the best example I'd say. Without both sexes there would be no humanity. Good and evil, well, that's a big kettle of fish. But one thing is clear. The dynamic of the fight between good and evil is part of the fabric of humanity.

I'm not gonna try to elaborate on all the nuances. Again, this blog is not the place for that. I'd have enough material again to do several papers or even theses complete with footnotes on all the ins and outs.

Yin and yang is another example. It has several subtexts. Not only good and evil, though that can be subdivided even more from Eastern religion/philosophy. And here is not the place for a study of comparative religions. Nor who is right. I have my beliefs, so do you. If you want Freedom of religion, better realize united we stand, divided we fall.

I talk of these things merely as I have done before. It is to get some who have not been thinking to do so, and to add whatever perspective I can offer.

Part of the point of this exercise is to show that indeed there are differences. Yeah the cliche is how boring it would be if all were the same. It would be more than that. Without innate differences, we would lack that singular quality of the Republic. That is individuality. And combined with free will, we choose to live for a common purpose. From many one is more than our motto. It is a testament to the fact that people can pull together for Freedom.

For if we are Free, then individuality is secured. It's a perfect circle.

And many differences as with male and female, if not equal can complement.


Soo B said...

Stop the War of the Sexes!

sono'holden said...

Make love and war!

kava said...

Balance, Michael.

Mike H said...

Yes, friend.