Wednesday, November 3, 2010



The world does NOT owe you a living.

Want Money etc? Get it the old fashioned way; earn it.

I'm not talking of venture capital or a loan that can be paid back.

I'm not talking of parental obligations. Nor am I talking of getting someone in a position to help himself.

If you get a loan, be prepared to pay it back.

If you get a grant, be worthy of its use. It doesn't have to be earth shaking. Just do, as in do, what is required as a kept promise to use the money for its intended use.

If you think the way I do, spread the word. Reeducate the reeducated. If people have been programmed they can be deprogrammed. Might be loborious, even onerous, but every soul won back from the stupidity of collectivism is a soul who can help.

Let it be like a small brushfire in the minds of men as Sam Adams said. They will connect and erupt into a purging flame.

Even reminds me of that line, paraphrased and extended, from Scarecrow of Romney Marsh where Dr. Syn talks of tiny cuts at tyranny. Little pinpricks of resistance as it were, that alone would be futile. But together and adding up become a hundred then a thousand then thousands and so on til tyranny is bled dry.

IOU nothing. Except to do my best to bring back Freedom and it's mate Responsibility.

IOU a helping hand in helping to bring this Republic back.

It's all you owe me

Get going.

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Jay21 said...

Been waiting for the return of the messenger! Bravo sir, very well said