Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Is it my imagination or do I see a running horse on the wall? Is that one of Casper's 'ghost brothers'? And what of the row of faces on the bottom frame of a door panel?

I have always seen patterns, images and symbols. Are they there or does my mind project meaning on some random globs and warps in paint, wood and paper? Or both?

Actually, it's common for people to discern patterns. Most Psych 101 texts have a few pics covering it. Like the color blind number test or what do you see a rabbit or a duck etc.

Personally, it evidences talent and imagination to see things that otherwise blend in. It's too easy to let things drift by, to have the senses dulled.

Just like the events of our world huh? Then again myopia has always been a problem. All the better to control us (The wolf in Grandma's nightie trying to loll Red Riding Hood comes to mind.)and thus we are taught not to see what is in front of us.

Just be a force for seeing beyond the mundane. It is infectious.

This coming winter that can be the best contagion of all

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Red said...

Red didn't fall for the crap and the woodsman axed the wolf.

Red's all grown up and has her own ax or gun -s-.