Monday, November 1, 2010

Comes The Morning

After darkness comes light.

In olden days, the fires fended off fear and evil, and dawn was anxiously awaited.

Finally, dawn came, the vigil over. But what then? I wonder if people made plans to use the daylight.

For as the day rolls on, it becomes apparent that night is coming again. It is a constant cycle.

Day by day it's easy to just anticipate then get lost.

I suggest one makes use of the moment. Work in both day and night.

For, past the analogies and metaphors is reality.

Day follows night follows day til the end of time.

If it sounds like I'm talking in circles, I am. We chase our tails or we work on what's before us, within time.

After all the hubbub, and results, what will be done?

Will there be smug satisfaction, MOS?

Now is the time.

Either we use it or lose it.

And anticipation becomes just a hollow hope instead of full sharp action.


Fr. Time said...

It's easy to let the day drift by, thinking there is always tomorrow. It fools you into thinking there is plenty of time. Til time runs out!

Mike H said...

This is the day JFK was murdered. It was also the day years later, my brother's body was found in the UP Michigan.