Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eke 2

To gain or supplement with great effort or difficulty. To increase or make last by being economical.

For me, to chip away until I have sculpted the work of art at hand. To make use of the chips in another project, so there is very little waste.

I sculpt with words from the clay of my mind. It takes skill, born of time and tribulation as well as triumph.

It takes experience, whatever roads I've travelled so far and whomever I've encountered count.

My life path has taught me to make something from nearly nothing.

That's a quality that may well come in handy on all levels and very practical ones soon.

Fabian Socialists work constantly, slowly to undermine and destroy our Freedom. If they suffer a setback, they figure they have time. Gradual gain is the name of the game.

I've suggested we fight an enemy that never sleeps. therefore we must sleep less. And as they have DEconstructed, let us REconstruct, eking out not just an existance, but our future.

Be patient and resolute on the side of light!


teacher said...

I agree. Been under the weather. Back at it.

Mike H said...

Take care. Keep on keepin on!