Thursday, November 11, 2010

Novel Idea

Now I'm writing books. They are novels to be specific (echoing my English and History teachers/profs).

I'm not going into much detail since they are ongoing and I guard my copyright. They started out as kind of a dare to myself. It's also a response to my daughter, voracious reader of all things vampire, to write a 'vampire' story, with my twist to it. And there will be a Freedom theme.

I've been writing for quite a while. This blog is just one place, but an important one for me. It's given me courage and has helped develop my skills. It is a place that I can express my feelings and resolve concerning the Republic and what I believe we should do to Restore the Republic and to right all the wrongs running rampant today.

BTW I'm going to open another blog soon where you will find my stories etc. Not that this place isn't appropriate for them. I'd rather have a separate stage for my works.

When these novels (It's developed from two to a three story arc then to a fourth and now, gasp, a fifth retro) get published, they may not be the quintessential TEOTWAWKI, but they will have elements both surprising and I hope entertaining as well as informative and thought provoking.

At least, you can't say I'm at a loss for words lol!

It's been an exercise as well to see how I do writing books as opposed to scripts. These books will however be developed into scripts too!

For weal or woe, I've plunged into this. It is exhilerating. It's energized me and I have never felt so alive re my work or purpose.

As to how they are received, well that's up to anyone who reads them.

I will let all know when they are available.

I hope they provoke thought, entertain, perhaps shock some in the right way, not luridly and give a message of hope for people everywhere.


kava said...

May all the blessings of the Light be with you and upon you in your journey.

Mike H said...


teacher said...

I expect all you say and more. You will surprise some and disappoint others. so it goes.

Mike H said...

I have been taught well.