Saturday, December 24, 2011


Have some fun.

Sure that can be a relative term. Fun for Jack the Ripper, Hitler or Obama is different from fun for those who might go target shooting this weekend. Or you might decide to quaff a few comradely pints.

And no I'm not really equivocating big O with the monsters of history. I'll let him do his own dance in the annals of mankind -s-. But you might get the point.

Just do something for yourselves. And while you're at it, perform a random act of kindness, whatever that might be. Let someone ahead in line, pay someone's layaway, give a homeless kid a toy, etc. And I'm not rescinding my views. We need to help people help themselves. But, we also have to start somewhere.

Love Light Healing to all.

PS: Santa etal, please rescind the Wars on Drugs and Poverty. Thankx. Your pal, Me.


Holden McGroin said...

When I sit down to turkey, I'll think of you. All the breast.

Dizzy Deeno said...

Have a happy something.

teacher said...

God bless you son.

kava said...

See you soon.

Mike H said...

Happy hollydaze!

tt said...

War on terroe aka war on gov -s-