Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Locker Rooms

Oh oh. Even mentioning this now will get someone to wondering about what I mean lol.

I'm talking about how there is a 'sanctity' concerning locker rooms. It's a matter of confidences.

I am in NO way talking about rape nor abuse of any kind. No matter where that takes place, it must be either immediately stopped or punished and those hurt helped.

I'm just mentioning that they have been places where people let their hair down. Deals have been done without the pressure of the boardroom, cabinet room ie official scrutiny.

By no means am I extolling anything. I'm merely pointing it up. I believe affairs for both weal and woe as well as affairs of a more personal nature have been arranged away from prying eyes.

Locker rooms are no place for the squeamish nor shy. After all it's men and women running around in the all together. Not much room for guile therefore. Thus why locker rooms are still places where people could get down to brass tacks, all cards on the table.

So I've little else to say. No, lol, I'm not speechless. I am just offering some food for thought at the end of the year.

A place is a place. How it is used or experienced is the crux. We shouldn't let something evil color our own behavior. Manipulating us in seemingly subtle or pointless ways is just control.

I'm not saying those who read this are going on an anti locker room rampage. It's simply that attitudes can be tinkered with even on such a level as we have currently with these crimes against children coming to light. Such crimes are another matter worthy of as much focus as can be mustered.

Frankly, I could use a stretch in the steam room and a dip in the pool. But I'm not doing the polar bear thing lol.

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