Thursday, December 1, 2011

Headless Teamwork

What is it with the Colts?

They won the Super Bowl a few years ago. Then a couple years later they lost but were at the Bowl. Now they're zero and ?.

I mean we could talk about team psychology. Peyton Manning is apparently out for the season so the team is clueless? It is a team isn't it?

Is it ineptitude or is it on purpose? Are the rumors of money laundering in sports true? Or do teams just suffer bad streaks sometimes?

I don't claim to know a thing about this stuff.

It just seems to me that a team should be able to be a team without one guy.

Sure Manning is essential but should he not be replaceable? I don't mean he's some tissue to wad up but should a team be so dependent on one guy?

I don't follow this stuff at least not as devotedly as some. I have no financial interest as do many. It is after all the money that counts huh? So many count on the bucks. That's not all bad of course. Free market capitalism is good methinks.

The question remains: What is a team?

A team should be able to compensate and function if one or more members are sidelined. There should be contingency training. Teamwork denotes several members working towards a goal. It can also mean surviving on one's own if the situation calls for it.

Well, this colts business is beyond me.

Then again, maybe I'm thinking of something else.

All kind of academic huh?


Harry the Fable Guy said...

Get her done.

johnny yuma said...

'Git er done Johnny Reb.' Sgt. Tyree in Rio Grande.