Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Of Course

When I build my getaway house, one of my dreams, I plan to have an obstacle course as well.

I'll have a series of ropes, ladders, platforms, chains and assorted 'bumps in the road'.

I'll jump, roll, tumble, climb, swing and even crawl and dig. The idea, of course, is to be physically fit and nimble. I want to be ready for virtually any possibility. There is no sitting around for me -s-. Well, except when I'm writing. All the more, I need to be mobile. I do crunches, stretches and different exercises to keep limber and to avoid 'secretary spread' -s-.

But the obstacle course is for more complete fitness and readiness. Also, psychologically, I want to be prepared for eventualities. Physical and mental fitness go hand in hand.

Obstacles come and go. They appear in all forms.

Obstacles demand, to my mind, study.

How do we overcome them?

Depends on what kind.

Some are simple. Others are more complicated. Obstacles can be overcome in one fell swoop or they can be beaten piece by piece.

So have some food for thought during the holidays. Study on it.

What if an obstacle remains? Perhaps it can and be gone around.

Versatility and alacrity are what get us through. Or around. Over or under.

Have fun. Of course -s-.

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Professor Weirdo said...

Of course, ha ha, of course.