Thursday, December 29, 2011

Midst Of Tragedy

So many bad things happen to good people. It seems there is a plethora of tragic stories this holiday time.

A woman in Connecticut lost her three children and her parents in a housefire. The whys and wherefores are still under investigation. I hope they get sorted out quickly, whatever the conclusion.

A little girl and her uncle were murdered in a burglary near Indianapolis. They were shot in the head by one of two mokes, one of whom was a family 'friend'.

Another girl was raped and murdered then dismembered, her false leg disposed of by her father and stepmother. She had lost it to cancer when she was five. She was ten.

Another sweetie was murdered and dismembered by a socalled family friend.

Why am I mentioning such evil at the end of the year? It's supposed to be a time to reflect and get happy, to prepare for new good things.

It still is.

I'm hoping to avoid cliches like don't let things like this stop you. Well it's kind of hard because we simply can't let the vilest acts halt us in our tracks.

When tragedy strikes, it's hard to avoid platitudes. We mean well, but there isn't much we can say. There is no magic wand. Wishing there were is a trite idea in itself.

Being there and having an ear available is about the best thing methinks. Listening.

When tragedy strikes firsthand, there is only somehow weathering a storm that defies description.

When I say I thank God for all things because it is from all things I learn, I mean it. I have learned from all things in my life.

As far as tragedy, I haven't experienced many of the horrible events that have befallen others. I guess it's relative. Each of us has weal and woe. each of us has a life to live.

I know even mentioning such horrible things could be considered by some to be sensationalistic. That's a copout. People frequently avoid reality, at least when it's horrific.

It's easy just to say we live with something, we suffer it and eventually triumph. Many never completely get over such atrocity. But we can live. and we can be available to listen, to help however we can.

Sure saying 'you'll get through it' might ring hollowly. Just being there won't.

Evil wants us to give up. To wallow is not to grieve. It's to get stuck and never move forward backward nor anywhere.

My heart goes out to those left here. My prayers are with them and with those who have crossed over. May they be in the Light and be Light to others. And may justice rain on those who try to destroy us.

Do what you can.

Face fear.


Guess it's what you make it.


baby2012 said...

Being pickier about associations might help.

Mike H said...

Maybe. Monsters occur in the finest fams. Then again I'm picky within my fam.

WDWTW said...

I heard some dumbass put still smoldering coals in a sack in the mudroom. No smoke detectors and other things.

Mike H said...

I think there are circumstances that could have avoided outcomes here. These particular incidents were picked at random to show the huge amount of stories around not just at holiday time but always.
Tragedy and how it's dealt with was my aim. When something happens what do you do?

teacher said...

We can do everything we can and still bad things can happen. Knocking ourselves is a result.

Mike H said...

I've done it too. If only etc. I try not to destroy myself when the bad comes.