Sunday, December 18, 2011


Don’t let em kid ya. American Idol is not the be all and end all for entry to the hallowed halls of 'fame' or at least a job. I don’t watch it. Then again I don't watch most of the crappola that calls itself 'reality tv'.

It's cheaper to produce than scripted shows, very cost effective. So creativity is sacrificed for the almighty buck. And the masses apparently love the stuff. A certain amount of escape is dandy, but the airwaves are awash with the cares of people I could care less about.

As to the shows that specialize in finding new talent, I couldn't find anything more irritating. As said, they give you the impression the only way into showbiz is by way of the great Simon, etal. Nothing is further from the truth.

Look at it this way: show biz is a big old house. It has a front door and a back door. There is a side door and a bunch of windows.

There is no set rule how you get in. You can enter through the front. Or you can make your way via window or through the roof, depending on how you hack your way in. Personally, I'd show respect but would do what was necessary to gain entrance. Heck fire, you could burrow under if you had the tools -s-.

There are plenty who make it ruthlessly. They could care less about anything other than themselves and would march cheerfully over the bodies of others to achieve their goals.

I'd like to say these sociopaths then karmically fail. But in Hollywood, there is room for all types. Good and bad freely mix. So it's a matter of conscience how to act and what to do. Of course, thats' true no matter what walk of life.

Good and evil know one another. They recognize each other's presence. What happens next is determined by the fortunes of war and the plan at hand.

Find your own way in and make your mark, whatever you do. Though I don't care for some of the reality stuff, there are a lot of good people involved and they benefit, making more of a contribution later. So even this is an entry to other things.

Find you way, do your thing and contribute what you can. It's possible not to sell your soul and have integrity, even in Hollywood. There are plenty of people who are living proof.

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