Friday, December 30, 2011

Walking Dead WWYD?

No disrespect to Jesus, but most likely in a zombie apocalypse, it is you who would have to react.

Remember there is that Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse blog post from the CDC to raise awareness for disaster preparedness. Mind you, CDC is not progun and the whole thing is just a mind jogger at best. Guess it's the closest thing to legitimacy lol.

So, stick yourself in the scenario especially with the popularity of The Walking Dead TV series. This show is one of the most graphic, intense on television. It's on AMC so they get away with stuff never to come near network. See it for yourself and/or read up on it. I'm just here to ask what would you do?

In a given situation, one must act. There is hardly time to mull things over. Imagine a world turned upside down. Socalled civilization is over. No transportation, deliveries, comm systems are either limited or gone. Most people are either dead or flesh eating zombies. It's everywhere.

Would you sit and wait at the onset, for help. Do you hear helicopters, loudspeakers telling you to go somewhere? Would you? Would you hole up, waiting for it to get better? I hope not.

You shouldn't wait for anyone. Have a prearranged place to meet. Get the hell out of the city fast. If it's a no warning scenario with no buildup or breakdown, then be ready to drop everything and go.

In the middle of anything, shift to your own emergency mode.

Plan ahead. Work out scenarios. While you have time. I hope we have time -s-.

There is already plenty of info available about such things already. I was reminded of thinking on one's feet watching the first seven eps of Walking Dead, season 2.

People learning to work as a team. It's not communism, it's common sense -s-.

So take this end of the year musing for what it's worth. And remembering it's fiction so far -s-, have fun watching the Walking Dead. Kinda like a roving Jericho with zombies instead of tyranny.

One thing that might well ring true in the real world. When you throw people together, you gotta deal with basic humanity. All kinds of feeling and thoughts would parade around.

Better be ready for that.

It's not flesh eating. but it doesn't need to be mind boggling either.

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