Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winning Losing

Everybody loves a winner. Everybody hates a loser. So it seems.

Again the Colts come to mind. This time, what is it about some people?

We have some folks who are fair weather fans. Oh boy, when the Colts were winning and the Super Bowl etc, people went nuts. The team could do no wrong.

Now we have a 0-? seasson and the public has left in droves. Plenty of seats are available, people leave well before the end, apparently because the end is obvious. And a local restaurant hasn't had to make good their claim that if the colts win, you can eat free lol.

Yet there are still many who do remain steadfast, win lose or draw.

Crowds can be fickle. Supposedly the same crowd cheering Jesus a week later were champing at the bit to see him crucified.

There is a certain amount of group psychology going on. Let's face it, many do not think for themselves.

It's so much easier to diss someone or something, to go along with the crowd.

I'm sure some do it to play safely. They cover their bets. They may even come back like a fair weather friend or sunshine patriot, and root for the winner making a comeback. Or worse, they go with a perceived winner.

Hmmm. Kinda reminds me of the sing song teeter totter affairs of the War for Independence.

Just a thought as the year runs out.

Do we know how to pick a winner? What do you look for? Is it always so obvious and needs to be a sure thing?

Or do we decide to ride out the storm and even help turn the tide.

Just a thought.

Thoughts become actions.

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James Greco said...

Win place or show.