Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who's Defending Whom?

In typical doublespeak, it's called the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. So it goes with duplicitous names such as Patriot Act which is anything but, and People's Republic, which is not of the people, but a collectivist bureaucracy and is anything but a republic. Are we far behind them? There is no doubt the whole world is in various stages of enslavement, but let's stick with our 'homeland' (term often used by collectivists along with motherland or fatherland to create a sense of unity in the otherwise uncohesive mess).

Apparently, the President can order the military to arrest anyone, ie US citizen, if they are deemed an enemy of the state, particularly if accused of collaboration with Muslim terrorists and anyone else deemed an enemy. Said person has no Constitutional rights and can be imprisoned as long as deemed necessary. That includes no legal rep and no habeas corpus.

What should we do?


Expose these bastards. Vote them out. Reverse this. Does that include civil war? That's up to a gov that is increasingly out of control. Will we rope them in?

Will saying these things get me in trouble?

Tune in tomorrow.

Oh yes. This was done on December 15, which is Bill of Rights Day.

Was this coincidence? I doubt it. An illegal act that virtually wipes out much of the BoR enacted on its anniversary is just the twisted gimmick those who would be our masters would find amusing. Their disdain for the People and our Freedom is shoved in our faces.

I refuse to shut up. And I know so many others won't either. No Fort Sumters. This is an attempt to cause one. It won't. We will prevail and they will fail.

I love rum, cigars and women on the beach. But I don't think the monsters who devised this increasing rape will supply that.

As said, will it come to this? Will resistance get to the point of say a Matt Bracken novel? It jolly well could.

We must hold these blighters in the light, and do what must be done.

We must defend ourselves. National defense indeed. Even if they actually outright ditch the BoR etc, which they are doing virtually, we still have it. It is intrinsic, in our blood bones and spirit.

They cannot stop those who want to be Free.

But we can stop them.


teacher said...

God help us all.

Dash Riprock said...

We will win because we will keep our heads.

teacher said...

I don't think it's as bad as people imagine. A test to see if we panic, jump the gun as it were?

Mike H said...

The point is to be observant. And Dash is right.