Thursday, December 8, 2011


Like many things, surprises can be good or bad.

I remember when we had a Santa Claus show airing locally. It caught my interest at say three. He did the usual Santa thing and kids ticked off items they coveted.

Sometimes the kids would stall so Santa bailed them out with asking if they would like some surprises. Of course they would quickly nod and off they'd go.

I figured out early that there is no Santa. Sorry Virginia etal. Guess that's what we'd call a spoiler. Never mind the spirit of giving etc. Personally, as an aside, I think Santa was foisted on people to sell the idea of something for nothing. Oh sure, be good, get rewarded and be bad, get sticks and stones huh? Hmm. Maybe I'd better stick to the topic at hand and save this for another time lol.

After this fact was established, I used to seek out where presents were hidden til finally we got to the point that presents were simply material wishes come true. The intent and 'spirit' were never gone. Liking something might lead to receiving it. That, to me, was reward enough. It wasn't that I didn't like surprises, I just liked to know what was what -s-.

Having a knack for uncovering things has come in handy. I'm a seeker and dig til I find what I'm looking for. It really p'o's the statists, collectivists etc -s-.

As for surprises, when something has come my way out of the blue at least to me, I am appreciative. I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I could have said something good, but the bad has its worth too. I learn from everything.

Oh yes, we mustn't forget the surprise on 12/7/1941. We should never forget what happened and its results.

What about the Japanese? What about them? It would be insane to hate the people alive now for what their immediate forebears did. Terrible things were done. And people still do unspeakable things today. It's easy to just dismiss certain people in hatred. Makes it easier to control us. The Chinese come to mind.

It's the gov that should get our attention. The machinery needs to be retooled as it were. Mind you, it's a mixed bag when it comes to gov and people.

I believe there are people who want to be free everywhere. The strife that is rampant in China comes to mind. It's not advertised by lamestream press, but it exists.

Surprises should never cease to, um amaze us.

Never let it be an end in itself.

Take the results and run with them -s-.

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