Saturday, December 31, 2011


Real hope is not a panacea.

We have great hope for the new year, the future.

There is hope for the Republic as we watch what gov does and we hold them accountable. Bit by bit and sleeping less than an enemy that never sleeps.

I believe there is hope in spirit.

I'm sharing this and you may make of it what you will.

Ben Breedlove is in the Light.



teacher said...

There is always hope.

Mike H said...

I hope so -s-. There is always a spiritual side to everything. And I'd say we are in a battle of good vs evil.

Mr. Gardener said...

I think there will be a hard row to hoe.

Mike H said...

There always is. How hard will depend on what we do in proportion to what 'they' do -s-.

Jazz said...

I attempted to check out the youtube file, only to find out that "the account (it) was associated with has been terminated." I guess we can expect more of this in the future, whether or not "SOPA" and "PIPA" ever become the legislated law of the land.