Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sorry Virginia

So here I go seemingly prepared to rail against Santa Claus. It's not that. And it's more than just complaining about rampant commercialism, though that goes against my grain. It's the idea of something for seemingly nothing.

I know the deal. If you're good, you get toys etc. If you're bad, you get sticks and stones or coal. Coal might come in handy if energy sources dwindle lol. Or if you're Superman, you could make diamonds -s-.

I'm all for kids behaving well. That should be a given. Excusing bad actions with the all too familiar phrase, 'They're just kids', has dire consequences. There is no 'excuse' for bad behavior. Find out the reasons, sure, and do something about them. But excuses lead to more and thence to more trouble.

Treats and rewards should be part of childhood. They should be part of our lives always. Of course those things can vary depending on economic level and thus accessability. But rewards or just simple extras are normal.

So many can't afford extras. I'm all for helping out with that. Still, it should not be entitled. It should be kindness. A helping hand is one thing. However, teaching some to help themselves is where it's at.

So this season and at all times give. Love and Light come to mind now. But if you give, encourage others to give back. A society of takers destroys itself. It can amount to giving them a chance to return.

Being good should be its own reward. Holding a stick over someone won't encourage that. Sociopaths will do what is 'right' for fear of retribution. We must do the right thing because it is the right thing.

If you want to think of that as Santa, go ahead.

I prefer to be 'good for goodness' sake' -s-.


henry said...

Ho ho! What do you know?

Mike H said...

I'm learning slowly dude. See you soon.