Friday, September 30, 2011


It's a brutal story.

It is a tale of tyranny and Freedom.

The myth of the noble red man is blown, but a very human story of what's good and evil within us comes out.

The story centers on a young man, his pregnant wife and their son.

Their peaceful jungle life is destroyed by marauding slave traders who destroy his village, kill, rape the women and take the husband prisoner with several other villagers.

Keep in mind, these are all Indians, specifically Yucatec Mayans. As I said, it's not race, it's what lies in the heart. What's in the heart of the raiders is evil, decadent.

They arrive at the Mayan city and it is shown to be the depth of debauchery. Slavery is rampant complete with overindulgence in every sense of the word. This includes the ritualistic cutting out of hearts and beheadings of sacrifices to the gods.

Jaguar Paw, our husband etc, is finally led to escape and some of the baddies chase him. They are one by one offed by nature or Jaguar Paw who is now in his element.

He is triumphant and rescues his family.

They are at the coast when the view a seemingly miraculous sight. There are Spanish galleons anchored off the coast and rowboats are approaching with troops and a priest, bearing a large crucifix.

Jaguar Paw and his family retreat to the jungle to attempt a new life, but we know it will be futile with the advent of the white man.

All kinds of conclusions can be made regarding city vs country life and the beginning of Western European civilization encroaching.

The main theme to me is what is in the heart. It's that content of character thing.

I will leave that to each one who sees this thought provoking flick.

Please borrow from a library, rent or buy it.

It's worth your time.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Symbolism is a marvelous thing. It can serve as a palette for a portrait to create images in the mind. However, it is still up to the individual to discern those images.

When we talk of serpents or snakes, it immediately conjures mind pics of satan , demons and Halloween spook shows. It could bring to mind the Christian snake dancing sects. Fear of poisoning, a slow painful death pop up as well.

On the other hand, snakes are symbols of wisdom. Stealth and sudden attack come into the picture too.

So symbolism is as always, a two way street.

Thus, we come to those who are duplicitous. They bite the hand that feeds them. Like the song where the lady nurses the sick snake back to health then it bites and kills her, so are those who feign patriotism then do all they can to destroy Freedom from within.

Of course, the snakes are easy to spot. It's the wolves in sheep's clothing you gotta discern and watch.

And the objet d'arte (hehehe) of this missive is just that. Be picky and stealthy and be a bigger snake than the others.

Swallow them whole. Bit by bit

Reconstruct the deconstruct.

Good luck.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There are plenty of chickens to go around.

Whether you eat meat or not, chickens are everywhere.

They are dull birds, who are so stupid they look up at the rain and drown. The same behavior has been noted in domesticated turkeys. These animals have many individual traits bred out and are comfortable in their pecking order in the flock.

However, they can be aggressive and mean tempered if agitated, belying their seemingly docile nature. They just don't like to be challenged.

In spite of that, they go to great lengths to avoid conflict, except for certain ones who apparently are bred to fight for seemingly no reason except to maintain the brood.

You get my meaning and I won't insult your intelligence with explanation.

Real ones have definite behavior patterns, can be food or pets and a few have pecked themselves to death.

Running from a fight or fighting badly for no good reason get them led to the slaughter.

Conversely, symbolically, roosters are symbols of heroism and being resolute.

No comments but there is an erect one at the top of the St. Clair clan crest.

So, chickens are useful if they think for tehmselves and take a stand.

Cluck on that lol.


Someone on Facebook doesn't like me. Boohoo.

They have intimated I am a vulture. Apparently that's someone who gets some kind of thrill or boost by dropping dead people's names. Hmmmmm.

There is more, but you get the picture. Character assassination.

I'm very bad at pretentiousness. I don't kiss ass well. I say what I mean and mean what I say etc.

Afraid I encountered a passel of wannabes who try to surround themselves with 'important' people. I was introduced to an 'exclusive group' replete with certain celebrities. It was supposed to be a place where folks could safely let down their hair and talk about scripts and apparently other aspects of the biz. I knew it was crap.

I stuck around for a short time, noting the efforts to get me and other inductees to give up story ideas and scripts etc. It was a scam but also the people who had set up the room were the most controlling self important characters i've met on the net. Well certainly they were among that number.

You might think this is fantastic. Why would people go to that kind of trouble just to milk ideas. There are predators at all levels in show business. Just like any other walk of life, there are those seeking to take advantage of others.

There are lots of aspiring writers, as well as actors all around the country, even the world. In Losangeles alone, there are tens of thousands who seek fame, fortune and/or a chance to tell their stories.

A lot of them have no clue what to do. It takes time and patience. It takes getting to know others who could help.

Many have been bilked of ideas and money. I've had experience early on with controlling money sucking charlatans. My good friends Pat McGoohan and Bob Wise cautioned me and schooled me what to look for and to do if I encountered such scum. They both helped me save my bacon in the past and their advice has survived.

In unravelling this sticky bunch, I made mention of said friends and hinted at other associations from the past and currently forming. I made short work of this pseudo elitist nest.

Twas then I was unceremoniously dumped after there were several refs to me being the aforementioned 'vulture'.

Sticks and stones etc is my only reply in absentia.

Typical of culprits. It's the old point the finger routine. Collectivists do it all the time. The mentally unbalanced blame others among other tactics.

Vultures. They live off carrion. Rot. Nothing fresh about them. It's the same old same old.

Nature takes its course.

Wonderful memories of old friends now gone are not dead. They live forever.

Love lives forever.

Nature will take its course and vultures will die or move on.

So keep on the move and stay alive -s-.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I feel like I've run a gauntlet.

Not the kind with tomahawks and warclubs. I feel like I've run between rows of people slapping me with big turkeys til I fall, then they gang up, pummeling me with those big wet birds.

Sheesh. There is so much to do these days in all facets of my life. Wonder not if I am still bent on helping in whatever way I can to Restore the Republic. I do what I can. Some is quieter and some will evolve to the forefront.

All the activity in my life has resulted in my feeling pulled this way and that. Well, I've taken a deep breath and gotten my bearings. I'm doing a pretty good job at budgeting time.

I've never been busier and it's increasing.

One side is serving the other and there are some things in store that I hope will benefit our quest for Freedom.

Far as the turkeys go, I'm not letting them get me down.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Mind your manners. Especially ala the Stooges dinnertime antics.

The Boys could always be relied upon to send up 'polite' society.

They were invariably out of their element and made up manners as they went along. Usually the etiquette was nonexistant and quickly devolved to a pie throwing and in one classic a creampuff tossing contest.

In one instance, the high society folks thought the Stooges were top shelf etiquette experts. They imitated their obviously skewed table manners.

There are always those who want to be different, better. That in and of itself is great. I like to stand out and certainly in my field of endeavor getting 'noticed' kinda helps you sell yourself.

Poking fun at pretentiousness was the Stooges name of the game. And thus lies the crux. There is nothing worse, said my Mom, than a thief and a liar. That behavior goes hand in hand. But what has that to do with the exaggerated characters in a Stooge short? Surely it was good natured fun poking at the foibles of the rich or the nouveau riche or those upper middle class who are seeking to 'make it big' and socially climb. I think it was.

In reality, there isn't anything wrong with that. Bettering oneself in whatever way one pleases is socially acceptable and more. It is American. Further, it is the way the world is supposed to be.

It's how we go about it. There is the 'rub'.

If your gain is built on lies and deceit, it's like a whited sepulchere. Not caring about who you hurt on any level is a crime especially morally, and I think spiritually. Legally? Well the courts have their own little world.

And I'm tired, incidentally, of people slamming the socalled rich. If you earn it or come by it honestly, more power to you. How you spend invest etc is your business. I would hope you would be responsible and if you decide to help others, it would be to help themselves. A lot of wealth could be lown and the hands would be grasping for more.

The Three Stooges will for a long time to come, lampoon certain behavioral trends, which, by the way, still exist. I'm going to always laugh at those whacked out guys.

As usual, I got to thinking about what was there and what was beyond, thus the missive I have just shared.

It's easier than some think to see through etiquette. I was taught manners and apply them as a matter of course.

Those who fake and have achieved through the expense of others cannot maintain the facade. They are often being called on the carpet now.

The unscrupulous try to hide behind the veil of civility. The sociopaths etc bank on society to do the right aka civil thing.

The time will come when civility will give way to justice.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Job To Job

Actors technically work for themselves.

I don't care if you are in a chorus line in NYC, bit player in LA, featured actor in a series segment, established star, or up and comer, you have a job, then you don't.

I kind of like it. The situation compels you to seek and search, with the help usually of others, to find the next gig.

If you are beyond a paycheck to paycheck life, I suggest you invest. How and what is up to you. But, if you want durability and longevity, you need 'fu' money. Get started with some dough that gives you an edge. I suggest a two year leeway.

Struggling is ok and most people need that dynamic, that competitiveness, or else life is boring. It's worse than boring it's deadly.

Often you truly get out what you put in.

That is the lesson for all of us. It takes teamwork to keep occupied. That means commitment to what you are doing. It's a two way street.

If you don't have something to get you out the door, you might as well curl up.

Then again, without getting existential, a lot can happen behind the door too.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Flea Markets

Soooo boho chic girls how much is that peasant dress, plus accessories?

Wow, you can pay what for some, is a young fortune. You can buy knockoffs more cheaply. Or you can go for originals at flea markets/thrift stores.

You might be surprised how many 'nice' cars from the burbs dot the parking lots of these places. Bargains and especially in harder times, are where you find them.

I like the idea and practice of this kind of recycling. There are wonderful treasures, whether monetary or not, to be had at the markets.

I believe in getting the most bang for the buck. I have no problem paying for anything that is quality and I don't mind having a good sized wardrobe.

But, I have and will have more, practical wardrobe and equipment.

I needn't go into details. Just leave it at having things that give one an edge if circumstances get rough.

So, if you have it spend it. However, get back a dividend.

As for flea markets, etc, you never know what treasures may lie under the surface.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Drug Over

I love getting away from it all. It might be a couple of days away from -fill in the blank-. I'll leave that up to you.

And I don't mind a drink or two or three to relax.

I've had some thought lately about drugs.

Going to LA brings the subject to mind. There are plenty out there.

Illegal, legal, it can take you on a trip.

Thrill rides are common in Hollywood

People are told how great they are and they start to believe it. They can do no wrong.

Some are convinced. Some have a nagging feeling they are not as perfect as they are led to believe

Whatever the reason, the more dough the more blow or whatever you dream up.

You'd better get a dose of reality instead of dosing up.

Once you blur, it drips away.

Self righteousness usually fails. Just saying it's bad won't make it go away. See what it does.

If you think this is too vague or namby pamby, think-think again.

Be healthy.. Get healthy.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lost And Found

I had a meeting Sunday in Forest Park Illinois.

Forest Park is a village ten miles west of downtown Chicago. Yes, Chicago, the bane of those who love Freedom.

First, let me say I love the toddlin' town. I sewed quite a few wild oats in the day and used to make trips with my Mom to go shopping on weekends. That, by the way, was common for folks in Indianapolis who of course had the means.

I had carefully mapped out on Mapquest itself a route from Indy to Illinois. I wrote down the particulars carefully.

The miles slipped by. We cheered firemen on the overpasses and chitchatted.

Got to what we thought was the approximate destination.

We were actuall near Park Forest. It was way south and west of Forest Park.

Next the time was spent flailing about in getting the destination right.

Dumass me had apparently transposed the name and was so occupied with writing research etc that I simply spaced out.

We got to where we were going barely in time.

By that time, the air had turned blue with my cussing myself out.

Yet we made it.

I don't mind admitting mistakes. That's one of the ways you learn along with asking.

We had a pretty good time and there was whiskey on hand -s-.

Moral of the story is simple. Don't go off half cocked. Check your bearings.

But, if you get lost, ask directions and cuss so you don't get an ulcer lol.

And have a bit of whiskey to take the edge off.

Just don't DUI.

Had a designated driver, my exwife!

Help comes from the funniest places j/k.

Actually it can and just be prepared for the unexpected!

Moods And Changes

Anniversaries are important and can be for a myriad reasons.

Today's will stay burned in the memory of every American. At least it should be. Like Pearl Harbor, this was infamy.

I had a meeting in the afternoon in Illinois of all places and near Chicago to boot.

I noticed on the overpasses there were mostly firemen with flags and banners waving at traffic. We waved and I 'thumbs upped' them.

In the burb, it was quiet but most people were not melancholy. There might have been some who didn't care, but most seemed to be getting on with life.

How we remember any event is up to the individual though pulling together is obviously a good idea.

If I sound wishy washy, I'm not. Just reflecting what I saw.

There are those who are uncomfortable with 911 or any event.

They want the world to be a grand place and it's grander if they don't have to think about anything distasteful.

I'm not accusing anyone I saw of this. It's just a thought that occured to me.

Of course that attitude gave the nazis a green light to rape Europe and other collectivists the same advantage.

Oh yes. The changes.

They are famous now and the anticipation of them had Schumer dancing on the steps of the Capitol.

I need only say TSA, Patriot Act etc. to get the ball rolling.

So those who want our guns are of the same ilk.

Ignoring it does NOT make it go away.

My mood? Kick ass.

Change? Back into a Constitutional Republic.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Getting seen in Hollywood is paramount, pun intended. Just check out what tickets cost for courtside seating at Lakers games. You have to be rich to sit there. And the people and corporations who do are rich. Many of the actors etc seen courtside are there courtesy of agents, managers, studios etc.

I don't care for spectator sports much. I don't think they're bad, unless they are detracting or distracting from what is going on in this Republic. I just never dug hanging out in crowds.

I might go once in a while. Took the kids to a baseball game last summer. No guns allowed btw. Glad they don't wand, what with my backup gun snugly hidden. Don't know what they do at Staples Center. Probably a pretty good violation of rights to protect the big wigs. Maybe I can wangle an invite from one of them and get shown to the private entrance. They even have a hidden bar for halftime to avoid the hoi polloi. Is it because they are better than the people or is it to keep away from embarrassing autograph seekers? You decide -s-.

Far as I go, everybody puts their clothes on the same way etc. And no remarks about taking them off lol. My gauge is always the content of character.

I've been seen in the company of a large variety of people. You name it. Even some of those Freedom sucking tantrum ridden collectivists. There is something to learn from everyone. Remember Tsung Tzu -s-.

Visibility. It is a price to pay. folks in Hollyweird pay it all the time. Comes with the territory. Paparazzi follow some of them all day, just to get em going to the cleaners, gassing up, getting tickets, yoga class etc. A lot of folks are curious what celebrities do. trust me, they do most of the things most people do, just often with more money lol.

Hope they are grateful and thankful. Some are and some are not. Content of character again and laways shows up.

Visibility means showing yourself. Some of us prefer to stay in the background, to be invisible til there is a reason to show ourselves. Ok. Just know where you are at.

There is a need for some to be in the forefront and some in the background.

Just be visible when the time comes.