Saturday, December 31, 2011


Real hope is not a panacea.

We have great hope for the new year, the future.

There is hope for the Republic as we watch what gov does and we hold them accountable. Bit by bit and sleeping less than an enemy that never sleeps.

I believe there is hope in spirit.

I'm sharing this and you may make of it what you will.

Ben Breedlove is in the Light.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Walking Dead WWYD?

No disrespect to Jesus, but most likely in a zombie apocalypse, it is you who would have to react.

Remember there is that Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse blog post from the CDC to raise awareness for disaster preparedness. Mind you, CDC is not progun and the whole thing is just a mind jogger at best. Guess it's the closest thing to legitimacy lol.

So, stick yourself in the scenario especially with the popularity of The Walking Dead TV series. This show is one of the most graphic, intense on television. It's on AMC so they get away with stuff never to come near network. See it for yourself and/or read up on it. I'm just here to ask what would you do?

In a given situation, one must act. There is hardly time to mull things over. Imagine a world turned upside down. Socalled civilization is over. No transportation, deliveries, comm systems are either limited or gone. Most people are either dead or flesh eating zombies. It's everywhere.

Would you sit and wait at the onset, for help. Do you hear helicopters, loudspeakers telling you to go somewhere? Would you? Would you hole up, waiting for it to get better? I hope not.

You shouldn't wait for anyone. Have a prearranged place to meet. Get the hell out of the city fast. If it's a no warning scenario with no buildup or breakdown, then be ready to drop everything and go.

In the middle of anything, shift to your own emergency mode.

Plan ahead. Work out scenarios. While you have time. I hope we have time -s-.

There is already plenty of info available about such things already. I was reminded of thinking on one's feet watching the first seven eps of Walking Dead, season 2.

People learning to work as a team. It's not communism, it's common sense -s-.

So take this end of the year musing for what it's worth. And remembering it's fiction so far -s-, have fun watching the Walking Dead. Kinda like a roving Jericho with zombies instead of tyranny.

One thing that might well ring true in the real world. When you throw people together, you gotta deal with basic humanity. All kinds of feeling and thoughts would parade around.

Better be ready for that.

It's not flesh eating. but it doesn't need to be mind boggling either.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Midst Of Tragedy

So many bad things happen to good people. It seems there is a plethora of tragic stories this holiday time.

A woman in Connecticut lost her three children and her parents in a housefire. The whys and wherefores are still under investigation. I hope they get sorted out quickly, whatever the conclusion.

A little girl and her uncle were murdered in a burglary near Indianapolis. They were shot in the head by one of two mokes, one of whom was a family 'friend'.

Another girl was raped and murdered then dismembered, her false leg disposed of by her father and stepmother. She had lost it to cancer when she was five. She was ten.

Another sweetie was murdered and dismembered by a socalled family friend.

Why am I mentioning such evil at the end of the year? It's supposed to be a time to reflect and get happy, to prepare for new good things.

It still is.

I'm hoping to avoid cliches like don't let things like this stop you. Well it's kind of hard because we simply can't let the vilest acts halt us in our tracks.

When tragedy strikes, it's hard to avoid platitudes. We mean well, but there isn't much we can say. There is no magic wand. Wishing there were is a trite idea in itself.

Being there and having an ear available is about the best thing methinks. Listening.

When tragedy strikes firsthand, there is only somehow weathering a storm that defies description.

When I say I thank God for all things because it is from all things I learn, I mean it. I have learned from all things in my life.

As far as tragedy, I haven't experienced many of the horrible events that have befallen others. I guess it's relative. Each of us has weal and woe. each of us has a life to live.

I know even mentioning such horrible things could be considered by some to be sensationalistic. That's a copout. People frequently avoid reality, at least when it's horrific.

It's easy just to say we live with something, we suffer it and eventually triumph. Many never completely get over such atrocity. But we can live. and we can be available to listen, to help however we can.

Sure saying 'you'll get through it' might ring hollowly. Just being there won't.

Evil wants us to give up. To wallow is not to grieve. It's to get stuck and never move forward backward nor anywhere.

My heart goes out to those left here. My prayers are with them and with those who have crossed over. May they be in the Light and be Light to others. And may justice rain on those who try to destroy us.

Do what you can.

Face fear.


Guess it's what you make it.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Have some fun.

Sure that can be a relative term. Fun for Jack the Ripper, Hitler or Obama is different from fun for those who might go target shooting this weekend. Or you might decide to quaff a few comradely pints.

And no I'm not really equivocating big O with the monsters of history. I'll let him do his own dance in the annals of mankind -s-. But you might get the point.

Just do something for yourselves. And while you're at it, perform a random act of kindness, whatever that might be. Let someone ahead in line, pay someone's layaway, give a homeless kid a toy, etc. And I'm not rescinding my views. We need to help people help themselves. But, we also have to start somewhere.

Love Light Healing to all.

PS: Santa etal, please rescind the Wars on Drugs and Poverty. Thankx. Your pal, Me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who's Defending Whom?

In typical doublespeak, it's called the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. So it goes with duplicitous names such as Patriot Act which is anything but, and People's Republic, which is not of the people, but a collectivist bureaucracy and is anything but a republic. Are we far behind them? There is no doubt the whole world is in various stages of enslavement, but let's stick with our 'homeland' (term often used by collectivists along with motherland or fatherland to create a sense of unity in the otherwise uncohesive mess).

Apparently, the President can order the military to arrest anyone, ie US citizen, if they are deemed an enemy of the state, particularly if accused of collaboration with Muslim terrorists and anyone else deemed an enemy. Said person has no Constitutional rights and can be imprisoned as long as deemed necessary. That includes no legal rep and no habeas corpus.

What should we do?


Expose these bastards. Vote them out. Reverse this. Does that include civil war? That's up to a gov that is increasingly out of control. Will we rope them in?

Will saying these things get me in trouble?

Tune in tomorrow.

Oh yes. This was done on December 15, which is Bill of Rights Day.

Was this coincidence? I doubt it. An illegal act that virtually wipes out much of the BoR enacted on its anniversary is just the twisted gimmick those who would be our masters would find amusing. Their disdain for the People and our Freedom is shoved in our faces.

I refuse to shut up. And I know so many others won't either. No Fort Sumters. This is an attempt to cause one. It won't. We will prevail and they will fail.

I love rum, cigars and women on the beach. But I don't think the monsters who devised this increasing rape will supply that.

As said, will it come to this? Will resistance get to the point of say a Matt Bracken novel? It jolly well could.

We must hold these blighters in the light, and do what must be done.

We must defend ourselves. National defense indeed. Even if they actually outright ditch the BoR etc, which they are doing virtually, we still have it. It is intrinsic, in our blood bones and spirit.

They cannot stop those who want to be Free.

But we can stop them.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Don’t let em kid ya. American Idol is not the be all and end all for entry to the hallowed halls of 'fame' or at least a job. I don’t watch it. Then again I don't watch most of the crappola that calls itself 'reality tv'.

It's cheaper to produce than scripted shows, very cost effective. So creativity is sacrificed for the almighty buck. And the masses apparently love the stuff. A certain amount of escape is dandy, but the airwaves are awash with the cares of people I could care less about.

As to the shows that specialize in finding new talent, I couldn't find anything more irritating. As said, they give you the impression the only way into showbiz is by way of the great Simon, etal. Nothing is further from the truth.

Look at it this way: show biz is a big old house. It has a front door and a back door. There is a side door and a bunch of windows.

There is no set rule how you get in. You can enter through the front. Or you can make your way via window or through the roof, depending on how you hack your way in. Personally, I'd show respect but would do what was necessary to gain entrance. Heck fire, you could burrow under if you had the tools -s-.

There are plenty who make it ruthlessly. They could care less about anything other than themselves and would march cheerfully over the bodies of others to achieve their goals.

I'd like to say these sociopaths then karmically fail. But in Hollywood, there is room for all types. Good and bad freely mix. So it's a matter of conscience how to act and what to do. Of course, thats' true no matter what walk of life.

Good and evil know one another. They recognize each other's presence. What happens next is determined by the fortunes of war and the plan at hand.

Find your own way in and make your mark, whatever you do. Though I don't care for some of the reality stuff, there are a lot of good people involved and they benefit, making more of a contribution later. So even this is an entry to other things.

Find you way, do your thing and contribute what you can. It's possible not to sell your soul and have integrity, even in Hollywood. There are plenty of people who are living proof.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Of Course

When I build my getaway house, one of my dreams, I plan to have an obstacle course as well.

I'll have a series of ropes, ladders, platforms, chains and assorted 'bumps in the road'.

I'll jump, roll, tumble, climb, swing and even crawl and dig. The idea, of course, is to be physically fit and nimble. I want to be ready for virtually any possibility. There is no sitting around for me -s-. Well, except when I'm writing. All the more, I need to be mobile. I do crunches, stretches and different exercises to keep limber and to avoid 'secretary spread' -s-.

But the obstacle course is for more complete fitness and readiness. Also, psychologically, I want to be prepared for eventualities. Physical and mental fitness go hand in hand.

Obstacles come and go. They appear in all forms.

Obstacles demand, to my mind, study.

How do we overcome them?

Depends on what kind.

Some are simple. Others are more complicated. Obstacles can be overcome in one fell swoop or they can be beaten piece by piece.

So have some food for thought during the holidays. Study on it.

What if an obstacle remains? Perhaps it can and be gone around.

Versatility and alacrity are what get us through. Or around. Over or under.

Have fun. Of course -s-.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sorry Virginia

So here I go seemingly prepared to rail against Santa Claus. It's not that. And it's more than just complaining about rampant commercialism, though that goes against my grain. It's the idea of something for seemingly nothing.

I know the deal. If you're good, you get toys etc. If you're bad, you get sticks and stones or coal. Coal might come in handy if energy sources dwindle lol. Or if you're Superman, you could make diamonds -s-.

I'm all for kids behaving well. That should be a given. Excusing bad actions with the all too familiar phrase, 'They're just kids', has dire consequences. There is no 'excuse' for bad behavior. Find out the reasons, sure, and do something about them. But excuses lead to more and thence to more trouble.

Treats and rewards should be part of childhood. They should be part of our lives always. Of course those things can vary depending on economic level and thus accessability. But rewards or just simple extras are normal.

So many can't afford extras. I'm all for helping out with that. Still, it should not be entitled. It should be kindness. A helping hand is one thing. However, teaching some to help themselves is where it's at.

So this season and at all times give. Love and Light come to mind now. But if you give, encourage others to give back. A society of takers destroys itself. It can amount to giving them a chance to return.

Being good should be its own reward. Holding a stick over someone won't encourage that. Sociopaths will do what is 'right' for fear of retribution. We must do the right thing because it is the right thing.

If you want to think of that as Santa, go ahead.

I prefer to be 'good for goodness' sake' -s-.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Like many things, surprises can be good or bad.

I remember when we had a Santa Claus show airing locally. It caught my interest at say three. He did the usual Santa thing and kids ticked off items they coveted.

Sometimes the kids would stall so Santa bailed them out with asking if they would like some surprises. Of course they would quickly nod and off they'd go.

I figured out early that there is no Santa. Sorry Virginia etal. Guess that's what we'd call a spoiler. Never mind the spirit of giving etc. Personally, as an aside, I think Santa was foisted on people to sell the idea of something for nothing. Oh sure, be good, get rewarded and be bad, get sticks and stones huh? Hmm. Maybe I'd better stick to the topic at hand and save this for another time lol.

After this fact was established, I used to seek out where presents were hidden til finally we got to the point that presents were simply material wishes come true. The intent and 'spirit' were never gone. Liking something might lead to receiving it. That, to me, was reward enough. It wasn't that I didn't like surprises, I just liked to know what was what -s-.

Having a knack for uncovering things has come in handy. I'm a seeker and dig til I find what I'm looking for. It really p'o's the statists, collectivists etc -s-.

As for surprises, when something has come my way out of the blue at least to me, I am appreciative. I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I could have said something good, but the bad has its worth too. I learn from everything.

Oh yes, we mustn't forget the surprise on 12/7/1941. We should never forget what happened and its results.

What about the Japanese? What about them? It would be insane to hate the people alive now for what their immediate forebears did. Terrible things were done. And people still do unspeakable things today. It's easy to just dismiss certain people in hatred. Makes it easier to control us. The Chinese come to mind.

It's the gov that should get our attention. The machinery needs to be retooled as it were. Mind you, it's a mixed bag when it comes to gov and people.

I believe there are people who want to be free everywhere. The strife that is rampant in China comes to mind. It's not advertised by lamestream press, but it exists.

Surprises should never cease to, um amaze us.

Never let it be an end in itself.

Take the results and run with them -s-.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Locker Rooms

Oh oh. Even mentioning this now will get someone to wondering about what I mean lol.

I'm talking about how there is a 'sanctity' concerning locker rooms. It's a matter of confidences.

I am in NO way talking about rape nor abuse of any kind. No matter where that takes place, it must be either immediately stopped or punished and those hurt helped.

I'm just mentioning that they have been places where people let their hair down. Deals have been done without the pressure of the boardroom, cabinet room ie official scrutiny.

By no means am I extolling anything. I'm merely pointing it up. I believe affairs for both weal and woe as well as affairs of a more personal nature have been arranged away from prying eyes.

Locker rooms are no place for the squeamish nor shy. After all it's men and women running around in the all together. Not much room for guile therefore. Thus why locker rooms are still places where people could get down to brass tacks, all cards on the table.

So I've little else to say. No, lol, I'm not speechless. I am just offering some food for thought at the end of the year.

A place is a place. How it is used or experienced is the crux. We shouldn't let something evil color our own behavior. Manipulating us in seemingly subtle or pointless ways is just control.

I'm not saying those who read this are going on an anti locker room rampage. It's simply that attitudes can be tinkered with even on such a level as we have currently with these crimes against children coming to light. Such crimes are another matter worthy of as much focus as can be mustered.

Frankly, I could use a stretch in the steam room and a dip in the pool. But I'm not doing the polar bear thing lol.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winning Losing

Everybody loves a winner. Everybody hates a loser. So it seems.

Again the Colts come to mind. This time, what is it about some people?

We have some folks who are fair weather fans. Oh boy, when the Colts were winning and the Super Bowl etc, people went nuts. The team could do no wrong.

Now we have a 0-? seasson and the public has left in droves. Plenty of seats are available, people leave well before the end, apparently because the end is obvious. And a local restaurant hasn't had to make good their claim that if the colts win, you can eat free lol.

Yet there are still many who do remain steadfast, win lose or draw.

Crowds can be fickle. Supposedly the same crowd cheering Jesus a week later were champing at the bit to see him crucified.

There is a certain amount of group psychology going on. Let's face it, many do not think for themselves.

It's so much easier to diss someone or something, to go along with the crowd.

I'm sure some do it to play safely. They cover their bets. They may even come back like a fair weather friend or sunshine patriot, and root for the winner making a comeback. Or worse, they go with a perceived winner.

Hmmm. Kinda reminds me of the sing song teeter totter affairs of the War for Independence.

Just a thought as the year runs out.

Do we know how to pick a winner? What do you look for? Is it always so obvious and needs to be a sure thing?

Or do we decide to ride out the storm and even help turn the tide.

Just a thought.

Thoughts become actions.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Headless Teamwork

What is it with the Colts?

They won the Super Bowl a few years ago. Then a couple years later they lost but were at the Bowl. Now they're zero and ?.

I mean we could talk about team psychology. Peyton Manning is apparently out for the season so the team is clueless? It is a team isn't it?

Is it ineptitude or is it on purpose? Are the rumors of money laundering in sports true? Or do teams just suffer bad streaks sometimes?

I don't claim to know a thing about this stuff.

It just seems to me that a team should be able to be a team without one guy.

Sure Manning is essential but should he not be replaceable? I don't mean he's some tissue to wad up but should a team be so dependent on one guy?

I don't follow this stuff at least not as devotedly as some. I have no financial interest as do many. It is after all the money that counts huh? So many count on the bucks. That's not all bad of course. Free market capitalism is good methinks.

The question remains: What is a team?

A team should be able to compensate and function if one or more members are sidelined. There should be contingency training. Teamwork denotes several members working towards a goal. It can also mean surviving on one's own if the situation calls for it.

Well, this colts business is beyond me.

Then again, maybe I'm thinking of something else.

All kind of academic huh?